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Hope and Promise…

Three Line Tales Week 42

photo by Jace Grandinetti via Unsplashtltweek42

Hope and Promise

When she was young, life was wide open with soft curves, sweet breezes, and promise. Now she was an old woman and life was small and hard with cold winds, loneliness, and hope. All she had to do was to hold on to the hope, keep going forward to the light, and soon the promise would be hers to keep forever.

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Friday, there is still hope…

Today would have been my parents 66th wedding anniversary.

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I did hope to put their wedding picture here

images (27)

But I did not get the picture scanned into the computer
and my hope was dashed.

images (15)

I have high hopes for next week’s Two Shoes Tuesday.
Hopefully, not in vain.

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Thursday, sadness has it’s purpose…

Silly little girl.


  Sadness is meant to get your attention–not get you attention.

   Sometimes sadness is meant to get our attention so that we will be still and quiet.

Sadness makes us look for hope; and when we look for hope we find it. Then we can heal, become stronger, and more sensitive to our reality and the realities of others.

   Today, I am thankful that the sad times in my life have gotten my attention and made me see that one of the realities of life is that it isn’t all about me.

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Friday, hope for survivors…

Black Cat Book Review

50 Days of Hope by Lynn Eib

Lynn Eib is not only an author, she is a wife and mother,  patient advocate in an oncology office,  the facilitator of a Cancer Prayer Support Group she started in 1991, and a cancer survivor.  In this small book she offers emotional and spiritual support, encouragement, and hope to newly diagnosed cancer patients and the family and friends who care for them.

As cancer and its treatments often cause physical bodies to become weakened it can also weaken the spirit.  Supplements may be needed to supply nourishment for the body and inspiring words from people who have “been there done that” can shore up sagging spirits. 

The daily readings are short, often humorous, offering God’s encouragement through inspiring stories of real people living with cancer.  Eib shares stories of her own journey with cancer and the journeys of other cancer survivors; a cancer survivor is anyone with cancer, from day of diagnosis and for the rest of his/her life.  Each day there is a story of a survivor,  their family or friends, most days a scripture, and always a prayer.

At the back of the book there is a section with scripture references about things like fear, worry, peace.  It is not an exhaustive reference but it is encouraging and helpful in finding  comfort.

Though this is written specifically for cancer survivors and those who love them it could certainly be helpful to someone facing a difficult diagnosis of any kind.  The book is small and has an attractive green leather-like cover and is comfortable in the hand.  The only down-side is the print is small and the ink green.  It was not difficult for me to read but might be for someone with any vision impairment.

50 Days Of Hope would be a thoughtful gift not only for cancer survivors but for anyone with a serious or chronic health challenge.

 This book was sent to me by Tyndale House Publishers at no charge in exchange for this review.