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Hummingbird visitor…

Celebrating The Small Things


Yesterday while sitting on my balcony enjoying the view and the breeze a tiny gray hummingbird fluttered by. Then a few minutes later he came back and did an another fly-by, showing off a bit. It was such a surprise!  I have never seen a hummingbird on my balcony before.  I don’t know what brought him here.  Maybe the flowers in pots but I have always had flowers out there and never a hummingbird.  Whatever the reason for his visit it was lovely and made me smile.

So, today I bought a hummingbird feeder and nectar.  I hung it on the railing watching for another visit but doubtful that it would happen.  Surprise! Within an hour a hummingbird was fluttering around and checking out the feeder.  He took a few sips and was on his way.  I wonder if this will be a regular stop on his daily rounds?  I hope he does come back and brings his family and friends.

The hummingbird’s visit…a small thing…worthy of a celebration.

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