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The Game…

Three Line Tales Week Twenty-Two

photo by Rosan Harmens

It took awhile but he finally got that cute surveyor girl out of her prim and proper ways, and it seemed she was ready to play with him in the map room.  Everything was going great and then she said she had to step out for a minute.  That was a while ago and here he sits with just his boots on thinking maybe she was playing a different game than he had in mind, wondering where she is, and wishing he knew what happened to his pants.

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All done…

I have had four days off in a row.
This what my to-do list looked like.
I got it all done!

Okay, there was nothing on the list. But I did think about having a list.
Then I thought some more and knew I wouldn’t really do anything
that was on a list and that would bother me.
So, to keep me relaxed, in a good mood and happy
I didn’t make a list.

I did do things.
I took walks, read, played games on my Kindle,
groomed and played with the cats, did blog stuff,
watched movies and Netflix series, ate and took naps.
I was busy!
It was a great four days.

I am joining Eugenia’s Tuesday Chatter today.
Click on the blue link to find other chatters’.

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P = penny…


Have you been offered a P2016enny
for your thoughts lately?

I have.
What’s with that!
With the economy, inflation and cost of living
my thoughts are worth more than a P2016enny.
Then if you factor in my age and life experience
the value of my thoughts goes up considerably.


People should offer at least one hundred
P2016ennies for my thoughts.
I’d say more than a dollar but I am a
thoughtful thought-filled person, not a greedy one.

That’s my post for the letter

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