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I had a good idea…


I had a really good idea about what I wanted to chatter about,
but I have forgotten what it was..
Why do I remember really dumb stuff and forget the brilliant?
It’s like going to the grocery store without a list because
you are only going to get bread and milk.
Then you get home with two large grocery bags filled
only to find you have forgotten the bread and milk.
Does that happen to you?

So, now I am going to get something to eat and read my book.
I’ll try again next week to be brilliant with my chatter.

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Tuesday Chatter
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Sunday, walking…

Angel walks away
Image by happeningfish via Flickr

If you are seeking creative ideas go out walking.  Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.                                                        Ramond Inmon

It is not talking but walking that will bring us to heaven. Matthew Henry