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Dancing in the cloister…


The young priest and the nuns of the convent watched as the postulants walked through the cloister to the garden for a time of prayer.  As they went into the garden to take their places they walked quietly with hands folded and eyes looking down.  Except for one who went in dancing with hands open, smiling and looking all around her with bright eyes.  The priest looked at Mother Superior with a scowl and asked, “Does she not know the proper way to enter the garden for prayer?”  The wise old nun smiled and said, “Oh, yes, she does Father but she cannot contain her joy when she is to meet with her Lord.”

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Thursday, blessed with a happy heart…

Happy Cat
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Not much gets me down for which I am grateful.

I have a good life and great friends and pretty good health, a nice place to live, food when I am hungry, clothes and shoes.  I can buy what I need and a lot of what I don’t need but want.

I rarely get angry, I don’t get bored, when I am hurt or disappointed I usually get over it quickly.  When   irritated or frustrated about something or with someone I will go on a rant, a private one. I don’t hold grudges.

I am not perfect, not a saint, just a woman with a joyful heart.

Today I am thankful that though my heart has some bruises and scars, it is a happy heart.

Broken heart sewn back together
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