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Friendly Fill-Ins Week 5


1. I used to love to eat those little puffy cheese things, I think they are called Cheeto’s, but now it repulses me.
2. I would never eat...anything I didn’t eat before. I guess I don’t eat whatever now because I think  I still wouldn’t like it, but now I love it…not.
3. I always cry when I see someone crying.  I don’t have to know them or why they  are crying just seeing their tears makes me have to fight my own tears.

4. Seeing and hearing very young children laughing always makes me laugh.

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L = laughter…


Have you had a L2016.jpgaugh today?

I have had several L2016aughs today.
None of them was the big roaring out loud kind.
They were more like chortles or chuckles.

It doesn’t matter what kind of  L2016aughter it is
as long as it is not unkind or at someone’s expense.
Nothing is truly humorous if it hurts.

I am not saying that every day is fun or happy.
On some days, L2016aughing seems impossible or out of place.
But those days are when L2016aughs  are most important.

If there is no L2016aughter in your day love is hiding.
That is never a good thing.
L2016aughing keeps love alive and well.
It keeps the heart beating.


Go ahead have a L2016augh.
It’s good for the heart.

That’s my post for the letter

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Wednesday, laughter has been a problem…


I have tried to think of something to write using the word laughter.
Laugh, laughter, laughing…whatever!
Since Monday night I have been thinking.
Putting a mighty strain on my ditzy self.


I thought this would be so easy.
I know people who laugh.
I laugh.
I am very good at laughing…been doing it for years and years.


While doing research on laughter…
or wasting time playing on the computer…
whatever you want to call it…
but let’s go with research because I came up with this


Anything coming through?
If it has to do with laughter I sent it.


Today, I think I need medication…or wine.
Yeah, wine.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
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Friday, L is for laughing llamas…

Vicugna pacos. Deutsch: Portrait eines Alpakas...

There is something about a llama that makes me smile and laugh.

They always look like they have a smile on their face and that they are laughing about something.

I wonder what they are smiling about and what it is that they think is funny.  Maybe they have an amusing secret that we don’t know.

Maybe they are thinking that people always make them smile.

Maybe the secret is that they think we are funny.

I do wonder what the llamas/lama think.