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Trying to learn…

“Have a heart that never hardens,
a temper that never tries,
and a touch that never hurts.”
Charles Dickens

Seeing Teddy like this makes me think I have
accomplished the essence of Dicken’s quote.
At least, in Teddy’s world.
I can only hope that I am learning to be
with people as I am with Teddy.
I know I have a long way to go.

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Friday, I don’t like the word wait…

What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?
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At the beginning of every year I choose a word (or phrase)  as my word of the year.  Last year need was the word.  I thought about what need means and what it doesn’t mean.  I learned that I often say I need  something when what I really mean is that I want something.   I learned that there are big differences between needs and wants.  I learned that I have everything I really need and usually more than I need but not nearly everything what I want.

Last year was truly a year of discovery.  And I really did not like all that I discovered about myself.  Some things mad me angry, others hurt or made me sad.  Many taught me that there are some ugly parts of me that I am ashamed of and can not bring myself to write or talk about just yet–I am working on getting rid those uglies.

I also discovered parts of me that are beautiful.  I celebrate the beauty  that is within me and hope to bring it out, nurture it, make that part of me dominate.

Another thing I discovered was that the uglies grow in dark damp places where other people are not welcomed–uglies grow best in  isolation where there is fear.  But beauty lives in light and airy places and desires companionship–beauty grows where there is abundant life and joy.

So I learned a lot last year–and I am still learning and discovering…

Now it is 2011 and the word that chose me this year is wait.  I say the word chose me because I kept trying to  choose different words but wait kept hangin’  in there.  So wait it is–not one of my favorite activities–waiting.

I think I am in for a bumpy ride…

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Friday, frankly…

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Today is Friday, October 1, 2010

I am a reader.  Not much for magazines or newspapers and such but books.  I love books–have since I was a little girl reading about Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot and Puff.  One of my favorite things to do, maybe my very favorite, is to get comfy in my rocker with my feet on the ottoman, or tucked up under me, with a glass of iced tea in the summer or hot chocolate in the winter and a big ole book.

With books you can travel without leaving home, see new things and people, get reacquainted with places and people you once knew but may have forgotten,  learn about things that are strange and bizarre and scary or familiar and comfortable and lovely or challenging and hard.  You can enter worlds of mystery, love, crime, outer space, reality or fantasy.  Books have power;  power to make you laugh or cry, get angry or compassionate, educate and feed your imagination.  At any time, you can go anywhere, with anyone, past, present, or future.

I can get lost in a book and lose track of time.  Lots of other things do not get done.  Laundry, cleaning, exercising, whatever else that should  get done takes a back seat to the book.  Often, I will find myself thinking that at the end of this chapter I will close the book and go to bed.  Before I know it  I am still reading and it is two am.  Makes for some rough mornings.

I rarely buy books anymore.  Trying to clutter free my place–books are not clutter in my world but they do take up a lot of space.  And they need  dusting now and then which, of course, is hard to find the time to do with all the books that are out there to read.  Anyway, I am trying to simplify my space and be more “green” so I am a regular at the library.  Even as a child the library was one of my favorite places.

Now there are e-book readers.  I have never used one but I can understand the appeal of them.  They are small and light weight and can store hundreds if not thousands of books.  They are easy to carry, fitting in a pocket or purse.  Someday I may get one but I doubt it.  I like the feel and look of a book.  I like to feel the heft of it and to feel the pages. I like the look of the ink and typeface on the paper, especially creamy paper without any shine. I like turning the pages and having bookmarks to save my place. Somehow the new world e-book reader thingies really just don’t cut it in my old world.

Frankly, I love books.  Books are just plain super wonderful!