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The discovery…

In Other Words

The Discovery


Five-year-old Mike went to his friend George’s house because George had a new baby sister and he wanted Mike to see her.  George’s mom was giving Amy a bath when he met her. She was sort of cute he guessed but he wasn’t sure; he had never seen a new baby before so he didn’t know what to expect. When he went home he ran into the kitchen quite excited to tell his mommy about the morning and his discovery. Shouting loudly asked, “Hey, Mommy did you know girls are different than boys?”

In Other Words
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Luddite or not…

Today at the BrewNSpew Cafe
we are challenged to write a poem using the word,
a person who is opposed to increased industrialization or new technology.
Synonyms – a broken record, anorak, bore

Here’s my poem;


I have blogs, one is Patricia’s Place
the other is Day of Grace
So, to technology, I am not opposed
as perhaps some may have supposed
Though I have no cable or satellite
I watch TV most every night
You see, I do have WIFI connection
for the computer, telephone, and television
Set in my ways I may be
Luddite no one can call me
I hope every night as I yawn
to see what’s new at dawn

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Eugenia invites you to the BrewNSpew Cafe and challenges you to write a poem


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A note from Jack…


Mama just came back from her walk.
She walks outside, not just on the balcony but on the real ground.
I love it when she comes in and takes her shoes off.
There is so much to smell it takes a long time to sort through it all.

It takes so long that it wears me out and I have to nap.
I have wonderful dreams after Mama’s walks.

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See you later…


I am going to do something I have never done before! I am going to take a break from the computer. No writing or reading of blogs or wandering around in cyberspace.  I will check email on my tablet once a day but that is it.  When this post is published the computer will be turned off!  Not forever, just until next month.

See you on October 1!


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It’s balderdash…

At the BrewNSpew Cafe today.
Joining the Poetry Challenge
using this week’s word

Some folks like to blabber
They’re all nonsense and blather
Hold your temper and don’t be rash
It’s all crazy poppycock and balderdash
Listen to them with a smile that is sunny
The truth is they are just full of blarney

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Eugenia invites you to the BrewNSpew Cafe and challenges you to write a poem using the word balderdash.