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Monday Musings…

“The world is changed by your example,
not your opinion.”
Paul Coehlo

Image by Uta E. from Pixabay

News reports and social media show us just how easy it is to give an opinion. Many just open their mouth and start talking about something whether or not they know anything about the subject. Often they talk in circles changing their opinion a dozen times until they are accepted and agreed with by their listeners.

Sometimes confusion is such that people stop paying attention and go their merry way when in fact that is exactly what the speaker wants to happen. This is frightening because things are then made to seem like they are simply the way of life, normal and true.

We must take the time to listen carefully especially to those who are influential and have power to make their opinions our way of life. We must expect to be listened to when we have questions or a difference of opinion and not let those who speak the loudest be the only ones heard. Most importantly we must look at the examples being shown by those who do speak the loudest, and often in circles, in an effort to make their wishes and desires become ours, too.

I didn’t mean to make this quite so serious or a personal tirade but it is what it is. Bottom line here…it is easy to have opinions about what the world should be like but difficult to be an example of how to accomplish the dreams and visions for it. I think if we all took care of the little part of the world we inhabit and were less opinionated and better examples this old world would be a better place.

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Monday Musings…

“I don’t think of all the misery,
but of the beauty that still remains.”
Anne Frank

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

What would Anne Frank have given the world had she been allowed to live?
The cost of hatred is high.
Sadly, people are still buying hate and its ugliness.
One can only imagine all the wonders that have been lost to its venom.
When will the madness end?

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Monday Musings…

“Nature has given men one tongue but two ears,
that we may hear from others twice as much as we speak.”

I must admit I too often failed to follow this advise.  I tended to only half listen and began forming my response before the other person had finished talking.  Of course, I missed a lot of what was being said and ended up not really making much of a contribution to the conversation. 

After realizing that I was saying stupid things because I hadn’t paid attention to what was being said and sometimes causing hurt feelings I worked on changing my ways. I have learned that conversation can be subtle and with nuances that are important. Now I try very hard to listen attentively and patiently so I can hear what is being said in its entirety and context.

We all want to be heard and we all have something to say but we miss a lot when we start thinking about what we want to say before the one speaking has said what they want us to hear. I think there would be much less anger and conflict in this world if people would slow down and truly listen to each other.

I haven’t perfected my conversational skills. I still too often get distracted and either don’t listen attentively or just rudely interrupt the one speaking. Still a work in progress here.

I will add this…
some people need to be interrupted or they would never shut up
some people really have nothing interesting to say
some people are hateful trouble makers and should be silenced

Like I said, still a work in progress here.

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Saturday, just thinking…

All week I tried to think or something to write for a Friday truth or tale post but I could not think of a thing.  I do have a list of ideas but none of them sparked, if you know what I mean.  So, there was no post Friday.  

There have been quite a few no post days lately.  I don’t know why. I guess I am in a slump of some kind.  Actually, my life seems to be in a slump which is rare for me. I don’t think I am depressed just a bit bored which is also rare for me.

Anyway, while sitting with Teddy and Jack, my cats for those who may have stumbled into my place by accident and don’t know me and the cats, I got to thinking about what I would do if I won the lottery. Someone here in SC did win two million dollars but they haven’t claimed it yet. I hope they didn’t forget they bought a ticket or worse, can’t find it!

Here’s my list of things to do if I won the lottery:

  • I would have homes in different parts of the country so I wouldn’t complain about the weather which I try not to do because complaining doesn’t help but sometimes it happens.
  • I would have a staff. A cook, cleaning/laundry person , a driver/handyman, a gardener, a personal trainer, a massage therapist, and a psychologist on call because having all that money might make me ditsy-er.
  • I would have more than two cats and some dogs and birds. Maybe some fish. And of course someone to feed, bath, and clean up after them so I could just enjoy them without the work.
  • I would have a face lift and my flappy arms tightened up.
  • I would go for walks like I do now but if I got tired or too hot or too cold or it started to rain or whatever I would call my driver to come get me and we would get ice cream on the way home.
  • I would take my friends shopping and to lunch and pay for everything.
  • I would fund some sort of charitable thing for kids and/or the homeless and hungry.

I don’t buy lottery tickets so none of this is going to happen.
But it was fun to think about it.

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Monday Musings…

“Most folks are as happy as
they make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln

photo by Kari Shea at StockSnap

I totally agree with Abe on this. It’s up to us whether or not we are happy. I am not a Pollyanna kind of person who thinks everything is wonderfully rosy all the time. I know there are times in all our lives that are pretty awful. Bad stuff happens that’s a fact of life but how we choose to respond is up to us.

We can choose to wallow in self-pity feeling sorry for ourselves or we can stand tall and look for solutions to the problems we face. Yes, we may become depressed and sad. Not everything in life brings a smile or laugh. Some things make us angry or we cry in our distress and feel alone. How we react to our feelings will determine how we respond and the next steps we take.

Life is a journey that is, if not easy usually enjoyable, but not always. There will be mud puddles and some trash along the path and sometimes mountains to climb or tunnel through or places that have been flooded and need a bridge built. It is up to us how we do what needs to be done and what we focus on, the trials or the trail up ahead still to be explored.

It takes a strong will and courage, a sense of humor and a loving heart, and the people we love who love us to face the challenges of life. It may be easier to be miserable but being happy is so much more…much much more!

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Friday, truth or tale…

Image by Helga Kattinger from Pixabay

There was a little girl who was asked by some adults who she wanted to be when she grew up. A bit confused she answered, “I want to be me when I grow up.” Their laughter puzzled her but they were adults and it was sometimes hard to understand them.

Then they asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. After thinking a minute she said, “I want to be tall.” Again there was laughter that was inexplicable. She was not surprised that there was yet another question. Well, what do you want to do when you grow up, they asked? Without hesitation she said, “I want to be a grown up who doesn’t ask questions of little kids and then laughs at the answers.”

There was no laughter just silence and the grown ups looked embarrassed. She turned around and left the room with a smile knowing she had gotten the last question one hundred percent right.