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Gray and dreary except…

When I took my walk today it was gray and dreary.
There wasn’t much traffic on the streets
and I didn’t see anyone else walking.
There weren’t even any squirrels out and about.
I saw one crow.

I was happy to come home and sit on my balcony
and enjoy my petunias.
I planted them last Spring
and they have been showing off ever since.



They are wonderful and I think they have a right to show off since they weathered the winter cold and never gave up.

That’s my Tuesday Chatter this week
and my Changing Seasons Photos for February.

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Ten things…

Ten Things of Thankful

Here are ten things I am thankful for this week.


  1. Washers and dryers in the building where I live so I don’t have to go out to do laundry. There are seven washers and seven dryers. Usually, I am the only one in the laundry room so I do three loads at once and I am done. Wonderful.
  2. I took a walk the other day and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. Of course, a couple of things were more like several things and the bags were heavy. I only walked about two blocks when there was a short beep and when I looked it was a neighbor on his way home and he gave me a ride. Saved me from some huffing and puffing and a sore back.
  3. The library in the building has received several bags of books. It is nice that people donate books so we can have new books for the shelves. I was able to clear out some older books that were ready to be retired to make room for the new ones. The old ones will go to the public library for their sale.
  4. I had a surprise when I opened my door today. A friend had left a large plush throw for me. It looks great on my sofa and is so soft and comfy. Sweet friend!
  5. I had some leftover vegetables and pasta so I stir fried the veggies and added them to the pasta with some herbs. It was quick and easy and made a delicious supper.
  6. We have had some rain which we needed. The trees and shrubs look clean and refreshed. So pretty.
  7. With the rain, there were no leaks in the building so the repairs made last month worked! So thankful for this.
  8. I love to read and it is a wonder to me how many really good authors there are and so many books to choose from. Even when I find a book that isn’t something I really like it is still a joy to read.
  9. I have my theme for the A to Z Challenge in April! It helps so much to have a theme for this challenge. I look forward to being a part of it and reading new (to me) blogs. There are so many talented people in blog world.
  10. I have started walking up the stairs, eight flights, every day. After two weeks I can make it to the top floor breathing almost normally, not quite normal but almost. And my legs don’t feel like they have cement in them when I get to my apartment!

That’s it for this week.
I am blessed!

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To sashay or not…


Startled, she looked at the girl and said, “Missy, where you goin’ dressed like that?” “Some of us are meetin’ up in town for some fun, Granny.” “Oh no,  you ain’t goin’ nowhere til you sashay yer sweet self back in the house and put somethin’ decent on that ain’t from the devil’s closet!”


Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
using the word sashay

In Other Words
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What I say…

Friendly Fill-Ins, Week 41

  1. Snow is beautiful for a few days then it should go away.

2. My favorite kind of soup is tomato. I know boring. But I also really like Cheddar Broccoli and Potato soups.

3. When no one is around I talk to myself. I find myself quite interesting except when I start arguing, that really ticks me off.

4. Reading is my favorite thing to do. It is many things to me; hobby, education,      relaxation, enjoyment, therapy…you get the picture.

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The Crowd…

Three Line Tales, Week 55

photo by Edwin Undrade via Unsplashphoto by Edwin Undrade via Unsplash

The Crowd

They all stood looking at the man in the spotlight with his sly smile basking in the attention of the crowd. He made statements calling them promises, comments that were nothing more than wisecracks, jokes that were hurtful, not funny.  Still, they raised their hands and cheered knowing that if they showed their true feelings they would have to leave this place they called home.

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