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Tuesday plans…

Today is Tuesday and time to Chatter.

Monday night I make plans for what I will accomplish on Tuesday. I always have a long list. I used to write the list down but now I just keep it in my head. It works fine, actually better.  Everything on the list was never done and it bothered me to see all the things not checked off compared to the things with a check mark. This way it doesn’t bother me to not get the list done because most of it I don’t remember on Tuesday anyway.


I did work on the mess in the guest room. Sort of. It’s still a mess but a smaller mess. That counts for something, right? Yes, it does!  I would have gotten more done but I got hungry and while I was eating I played games on my Kindle, you know multi-tasking. Then I did some “research” on the computer. That always makes time fly. I really do think computers make time move faster. Except at work, computers at work are programmed differently than home computers. Then it was dark and I don’t work when it gets dark. Gotta love the time change.

So that’s it for today, time for a bath, a book, hot chocolate, and bed.


“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.”
Jules Renard

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Monday · musings

Monday, musings…

5.7.06 Leaping Lilacs
Image by M J M via Flickr

Today is Monday, October 4, 2010

Motivation.  I find it easy to encourage and motivate others but very difficult to do this for myself.  Take yesterday.  I got up early,  fed my cat, read the paper, did the crossword puzzle, and went back to bed.  Got up,had lunch, read a bit, and went back to bed again.  Got up and had supper and was angry with myself for wasting a whole day.  Grrrrr.

I had a list of things I wanted to do.  Most were things I enjoy doing.  And when I do them I feel good.  It is wonderful to feel that I have accomplished something, something  that adds to the goodness of my life.

I think I, like a lot, if not most people, need to be nicer to myself.  Someone once said to me that I beat myself up with the “I should” of my life.  Why do I/we do that?  Like there are not enough nay sayers in our lives, those who will give us all the reasons we cannot or will not make the most of our lives.

I grew up in a house that had a lot of negativity in it.  The words I remember hearing  most often were “you can’t and they won’t let you”.  Sad.  Sadder yet is the fact that well into my adult years I believed this to be true and never tested to see if it was true.  Once I started testing this strange rule of my life I found it a lie–the truth is I can and they will let me. (Who are “they” anyway?  A topic for another Monday.)

Okay, I think I have just done some soul-searching and feel encouraged and motivated.  I will accomplish and achieve, I can and I will,  the truth has (again) set me free.  Hallelujah!

As for sleeping yesterday away–it was not wasted time–if I did not need the sleep to rejuvenate and charge the batteries I would have spent the day tossing and turning instead of dreaming. There, I have encouraged and motivated me!

Today is a new and great day and I am the really great me!