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It’s embarrassing…

Oh no, I did it again.


I’m so embarrassed.

I upset Mama and Teddy.
You see I have a little problem judging distance.
Most of the time I do ok.
But sometimes…like when I am in the litter box…
I misjudge how far in I am and after I pee
and turn around to cover the puddle
I see that I peed outside the box.
Mama doesn’t like stepping in pee puddles at all!
And Teddy can’t stand pee puddles where they don’t belong.
So now Mama has a pad under and around the box
to sop up the puddles.
A puppy pad!
It’s so embarrassing.


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Tuesday, just having fun…

Hi Peoples,

Well, I did it again.  I was just having fun–really–just having fun.


IMAG0062 I mean really there is just so much to do in this room–so many things to check on.

All I was doing was taking a minute to make sure Mama was taking good care of her litter box like she does mine.

Then I looked over and there it was–just there–calling me to come and play.  So I played.


It was very fun–until Mama came home.  I guess I am supposed to remember every little rule.  But there are a lot of them!  And some seem so silly.  Like leave the toilet paper alone.  Why?  It just gets put in Mama’s litter box.

Besides I thought the RULE was 3 times and you’re in trouble.  This was the first time–this time around.  Who knew the 3 times rule meant FOREVER!


Now this is what I see when I walk by the bathroom.  Really is this necessary?


Come on, Mama, open the door!