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Conversation at the Barn…

Today I am joining Linda Kay at Senior Adventures,
Wednesday Wit and Wisdom
All you have to do is find a picture and write a story or poem using it as inspiration.

Conversation at the Barn


“Hey guys, come over here.  Look at these animals.  Aren’t they cute?”
“Silly looking if you ask me.”
“Maybe, a little.  But look at the white-haired guy over there,”
“Yeah, he’s quite handsome and looks intelligent too.”
“I like the red-head.  Those bangs are sexy.”
“What are they doing?”
“They’re cute, see they’re watching us.”
“I think they are laughing at us.”
“Why would they be laughing at us? They’re the funny looking ones!”
“What kind of animals are they anyway?”
“Haven’t you seen these critters before?”
“Nope, don’t think so. I’d remember if I did, they’re strange-looking.”
“Well, they are Homo sapiens.  They call themselves People.”

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