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Friday, it’s a love story…

A Black Cat Book Review

The Odds by Stewart O’Nan

If you are looking for a fast-paced, full of excitement, lots of action book, this is not the one for you.  If you are looking for a story about a marriage that is ordinary and dying this is it.

Sound like a boring read?  Well, it is not boring.  It is a funny and sad, simple and complex, honest and like real life, love story.

Marion and Art have been married for 30 years.  Thirty years of working, loving, raising a family, and now falling apart.  They have lost jobs, are going to lose their home, and are about to lose each other.  In a last effort to save it all they take the last of their savings and go to Niagara Falls for a second honeymoon and to play roulette.  The odds are against them but they are going to take the chance that they might win.

The Odds is a realistic look at a marriage and what ordinary everyday life can do to people who do not pay attention to what is most important. It is definitely not boring and very much worth reading.  It will make you take a deeper look at your relationships.

O’Nan writes books that surprising in the quiet intensity, compassion, humor, and generosity that he gives his characters.  This is the third novel of his  I have read, Last Night at the Lobster and Emily, Alone are the other two, and they were also well-written, and unexpectedly in the end, love stories.   

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Monday, a movie not many critics liked…

Today, instead of suggesting a book to you I am going to suggest a movie.  It’s a movie I liked but didn’t love.  Truthfully, it isn’t a great movie, just a good Indie movie.  I watch more Indie movies than big studio ones.  I like the low-budget and kinda rough edge to them.

Anyway, this movie, Remember Me, did okay at the box office but didn’t get good reviews for the most part.  Most critics pretty much panned it.  But like I said, I liked it.  It is slow to begin, after the middle it starts to come together, and the end is a stunner.  At least for me–but maybe I am slow when it comes to clues.

To me it is a love story.  A love story of a girl and a guy, a love story of a girl and her father, and a love story of a guy and his father.


Remember Me

Today, I think this is worth watching but maybe not paying a full price ticket to see.  Netflix has it.