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Blarney and love…

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using the word blarney

Blarney and Love


He will be late, as usual, and will have some crazy story about what caused him to be late. Her friends couldn’t understand why she put up with his shenanigans and she couldn’t explain it to them.  Sure he was full of blarney and she knew it full well just like she knew his heart was big and he loved her like no one else ever did. She was no angel and had some stories she could tell but chose to keep the past in the past and locked up tight. As he rushed in she smiled and got ready to laugh at his blarney and be loved by this crazy wonderful man of hers.

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Three Line Tales, Week 54

photo by Roman Kraft via Unsplashphoto by Roman Kraft via Unsplash

They were going to his company picnic where all the big shots and their wives and the beautiful young staffers would be and here was the woman he loved more than anything showing off her outfit and waiting to hear what he thought. He was waffling and he knew it, but how could he tell this woman he loved more than anything who was just shy of sixty and at least a hundred pounds overweight that she looked silly in the mini skirt and tank top with a sequined Tweety Bird on it? “Oh, Babe, I don’t have the words but come on over here and I’ll show you what I think and we just might miss the dumb ole picnic this year.”

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Luxury or necessity…

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Tuesday Chatter

“Men are a luxury, not a necessity.”

I wonder if Cher always felt this way or did it come with age and maturity? I remember being oh so young and needing a man to feel, I was going to say whole or complete, but the truth is I needed a man to feel I had any worth, any value.

I was so insecure and unsure within myself that I thought a boyfriend was what proved my parrot-316442_640worth, what made me beautiful and interesting. A man was what made me better than who I was, or so I thought.  Sad, huh? Makes me angry to think about that young woman who was so miserable because of her confusion and foolishness. That young woman made a lot of silly, and some not so silly mistakes!

Now I am oh so much older and know that I do have worth and beauty and I am interesting. Though still often confused and sometimes foolish I am who I am and ok with it. Would I like to be crazy in love again?  You bet! Is it necessary to be happy and fulfilled? Nope! Would I consider a man in my life a luxury? No, but it would be a sweet gift this time around.


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Hot summer days…

Three Line Tales-Week 24

photo prompt by Emiel Molenaar

Hot Summer Days

The farmer’s wife looked out at the old tractor smiling as she remembered the times she would take fruit and a big bottle of water to her handsome farmer working in the field on hot summer days.  He was a good man and a hard worker with a child’s heart for fun and play.  If that tractor could talk it could tell some stories of how the farmer and his wife had fun and played in the field some of those hot summer days.

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