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Y = you…


Have you allowed yourself to be Y2016ou?

I have, finally.
It isn’t always easy and I don’t always succeed.
For years I wore masks.
Masks of many kinds and for many reasons.
The main reason I wore masks was fear.
Plain and simple I was afraid to be me.
I was afraid I would be embarrassed, a disappointment, a failure,
not good enough, thought unimportant or worthless, the list was endless.

I was a great actress.
I was so good at playing the part of someone else
hiding who I was, that I began to believe the parts
I played were the real me.

Then I got tired.
So tired that living seemed too hard, a waste of time and energy.
But I wasn’t ready not to live.
I looked for help.
Surprising how easy it was to find what I needed.
I met a woman who was the perfect therapist for me.
True friends stayed close, those not real friends left.
I met a beautiful woman who helped me believe I wasn’t a mistake
but a person created with love for a purpose.

Now that I know Y2016ou being yourself
is who Y2016ou are meant to be
when I sometimes put on a mask
I find it most uncomfortable.

That’s my post for the letter

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