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Thursday thoughts…

Life’s burdens are lighter
when I laugh at myself.
Jonathan Lockwood Huie

It is a fact that much of life is serious, very serious. Somehow the serious stuff always seems really hard and difficult. It can steal your good nature if you let it and make you miserable. I know this without a doubt because there have been times I have let some serious stuff erase from my consciousness all the good worthy of thought stuff.

When I was young I was not a very happy person. And that’s putting it mildly. I rarely laughed about anything. Certainly not at myself. I did have a serious problem that was not recognized at the time as a problem by the doctors my parents took me to. So, I tried my best to put a happy face on and go about living my miserable (in my mind) life. As a young adult out on my own with a job and my own apartment and after making some really seriously awful choices and decisions I started doing some research. I found that there was a reason for some of my problems.

It took a while to find the right doctors with the right training and most importantly the ability to listen and hear what I was telling them…not what they thought they heard but what I was in fact saying. Took time and patience on everyone’s part and some trial and error but answers were found. It was like I was a new person, bright and shiny with happiness. Now I have a happy face for real.

The most important thing I learned is that how we look at life and how we react and work through difficult times is key. If all we see is the problem and only feel the burden of it and let it take away our good-nature and basic happiness we are doomed. All the wonders of modern medicine are worthless if we have forgotten how to laugh.

Bottom line…
laughter is the best medicine!

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Celebrating some help…


Today I am celebrating the wonders of medicine
and those who work in medicine.

It has been quite a week with much to celebrate.

  • I had a bit of a scare with one of my eyes.  Went to the ophthalmologist to have him check it out and he didn’t see anything to be overly concerned about.  I will go back in a few weeks to confirm all is well.
  • My friend who had a second surgery is doing well and his recovery is right on track.
  • My bosses son was attacked and beaten with a baseball bat.  He is home from the hospital .  No brain damage, eyes are good.  He will be fine.

Our bodies are beautiful creations so wonderfully made that with some help
they can withstand little scares, terrible diseases, and vicious assaults.
Amazing Grace!

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Saturday, comfort food is good medicine…

 Comfort foods are the best medicine.

Really, it’s true.  Sometimes all I need is some comfort food.  What that consists of depends on the type comfort I need.

When I have had a tiring day with lots of little glitches-nothing-went-the-way-I-planned-or-wanted-day, I need,

macbeansmacaroni and cheese and baked beans.  Hearty-stick- to-your-ribs-savory-good-ole-remember-mom-food.

If I have had that I-just-feel-“icky”-out-of-sorts-feel-sorry-for-myself-down-in-the-dumps day I make myself, quaker-oatmeal A bowl of this with cinnamon on it makes the “icky” go away–or at least makes it more tolerable.

Sometimes, all I need is a plate of French fries with more salt than is necessary–or healthy

Fries to make the world go round the right way again.




Of course, there are those days that nothing works–except…




I bought some of this today—just in case…


Today, I think pharmaceuticals are over-rated.

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Sunday, medicine…


Walking is man’s best medicine.   Hippocrates    

 Walking is good for solving problems-it’s like the feet are little psychiatrists.        Pepper Giardino





Thursday, laughing gratitude…

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Today is Thursday, December 9, 2010

I guess I am funny.  Not funny peculiar–at least I don’t think I am peculiar  maybe a little odd though–but funny ha-ha.  It seems that I make people laugh.  Not all people–but more laugh than don’t.  It is not that I set out to make someone laugh like a comedian or a clown.  It just happens.

I think I see things as funny–I mean most of life is pretty funny.  Even when I am in the pit of a pity party or  in the depths of  dark depression  I can see the silliness.  A lot of life is sad and painful but most of it  is absurd.  No point in taking today too seriously–tomorrow is going to come and shake it all up again and there you are back at square one.

I am not living in a fantasy world of my own.  I know there is a lot of nastiness in the world–a lot of badness.  It can get you down if you dwell there in the ugliness.  I think how you let the nastiness, badness, and ugliness affect your attitude about life determines your reality.  I think seeing humor in the midst of difficulties is the best way to get through, over, around, under, and past whatever it is in your way .

The bible says “a cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”.  Laughter is good medicine.  So I say take your medicine–have a laugh–several even–every day.  You will feel better and so will everyone else.  Laughter is contagious but not fatal so spread it around.

I am thankful I have a sense of humor and a spirit of cheerfulness.  I am thankful I can help others take their medicine.