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About Christmas…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 31

  1. I love the following Christmas film(s) I can’t think of one.


  1. I don’t care for the following Christmas film(s)…apparently, Christmas movies haven’t made an impression on me, can’t think of one I didn’t like either.


  1. At the holidays, I cannot resist the food!


  1. A favourite holiday memory of mine is the year we went as a family to get a tree and putting it up with all the decorations and tinsel. It was the prettiest tree ever. After we sat looking at it for awhile and feeling quite proud of ourselves we went to the kitchen and sat down to supper. Before we finished supper we heard a quiet tinkling from the living room then a whoosh and a crash. We ran in there to see our beautiful tree flat out on the floor. After a stunned silence, we laughed hilariously and pulled the tree back up and wired it to the wall. Even though it looked a bit bedraggled we loved it even more because of the laughter and knowing what a great story it would be for years to come.


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FFI week 14…

Friendly Fill-Ins  Week 14

The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete.
Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two statements,
the final two are provided by Annie of Mcguffy’s Reader.


  1. My nickname is…well, it depends on our relationship or when you first met me.  If you are my family it’s PJ. If you met me before I was 40 it’s Pat. If you met me after I had my mid-life crisis of sorts there is no nickname just my name, Patricia.

  2. The first thing I ever won was a big box of salt water taffy. I was five or six and entered a coloring contest sponsored by a comic book company, Dell Comics(?).

  3.  I have never been to a prom.

  4. Next year I hope to have completed my mission to simplify my life by seriously decluttering and giving away many unneeded possessions.
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On time is late…

I got a late start this morning and by the time I was dressed and ready to take my walk it was in the mid-nineties.  So, I sat in my chair thinking.  First thought was I gotta get up 232323232-fp63597-nu=3498-89--738-258989-82925-ot1lsiearlier! Second thought was to forget the walk. Then I daydreamed a while.  I do know how to waste a day.  Finally, I decided to get on the computer and get some writing done.   Anyway, I am joining Tuesday Chatter with my In Other Words post. You would think since I host In Other Words I would do my post before the last day but it seems I am always a bit behind. Probably due to late starts and daydreaming.

The prompt for In Other Words:

“Time flows the same way for all human beings;
every human being flows through time in a different way.”
Yasunari Kawabata

The first person I thought of when I read this quote was my father.  He was something of a worrier and one of the things he worried about was being late. Everywhere he went if he wasn’t at least fifteen minutes early he was late.  When the family had someplace to be at a certain time he would be ready way before the rest of us and a nervous wreck worrying that we would be late.  He would pace or sit in his chair tapping his foot, shaking his head and telling us we were going to be late making it sound like we were breaking the law and would see prison time if we didn’t hurry.

As a child, he made me so nervous and a little afraid of being late that sometimes I would sort of move in slow motion resulting in our not being fifteen minutes early which meant we were late.  Then he would tell the story about how I was supposed to be born on St Patrick’s day but I was late making them wait a week longer and how they have been waiting for me ever since. Back then I felt bad that I made everyone wait for me and became like him and worried about not being on time which meant I had to be early.

Somewhere in time how I felt about the story changed and I now see it as a sweet memory. I do try to be on time but no longer worry about being late. At least not to the point of nervous tics happening. The older I get I am less concerned about time.  I try to be on time and usually am but if I am less that ten minutes late I still consider myself on time.

In Other Words
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A little girl’s thoughts…

Two Shoes Tuesday’s

prompt today is



When I was a little girl my biggest wish was to be a grown-up.
After all, grown-ups were tall and could reach whatever they wanted.
And they could have whatever they wanted without asking anyone.
Grown-ups didn’t have to take a nap and they could stay up late.
They went wherever they wanted when they wanted.
And they could go places by themselves and never had a babysitter.
Plus, they didn’t have to go where they didn’t want to.
When they were hungry they ate when they weren’t they didn’t.
They always had money in their pockets to buy what they wanted.
They could get mad and yell and not be sent to their room.
The only downside I could see was they didn’t have teddy bears.

When I was a little girl I was wrong about being a grown-up.
Except about not having a teddy bear.
I’m a grown-up now and still have my Guy.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
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Mind forgotten…

Today I am linking to
In Other Words
the prompt is
“I do know my own mind. The trouble is my mind changes and then
I have to get acquainted with it all over again.”
Lucy Maud Montgomery


Five Sentence Fiction
the prompt here is

old woman

Over the years, her mind has changed from quick and bright to slow and foggy.  Somehow the connection     between her mind and her life has been lost.  There was a time when she knew her own mind.  These days she needs to be reminded of the simplest things.  Now she sits in her chair puzzled and wondering how can it be she has forgotten who she is.

Image: morguefile

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  Pet the cat to see the words of others. 
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Click on the badge to see what others have written
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Button jars…

 Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special
prompt this week:



When I was a child my grandmothers and mother had button jars.
I think almost every woman had one.
When something was ready for the rag box the buttons were taken off and saved.
If something was made at home and new buttons bought,
at the five and dime store, the extras went into the button jar.

I don’t think women have button jars anymore…or rag boxes.
I don’t have a rag box but, I do have a button jar.
The picture is of the buttons from my jar.
Some of the buttons are from gramma’s jar, some from mom’s and some
are extras that come with sweaters, shirts, and blouses that I buy.

When I was little I would sort through the button jars.
It was like the buttons were jewels and kind of magical.
Sometimes I sort through the buttons I have.
They are like magical jewels bringing sweet memories to mind.

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Click on the sphere to see more pictures.