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Friday, musical talent or lack of…

Wednesday was my mother’s birthday.  She would have been 96 years old.
 If she was alive today she would probably still be playing the piano or organ.  And playing badly.
She loved playing the piano/organ.
She took years of piano lessons when she was young but they didn’t seem to help.
  She had a basic understanding of music.
 She could read music and knew where the corresponding keys were on the piano and organ.


But somehow it just never all came together.
She would happily play all her favorites.  
But none of us knew what she was playing because they all sounded the same.

We would say, “That was very nice.  What was the name of it?”
“That was familiar.  I just can’t remember the name of that song.”

My dog, Polo, loved to hear her play the organ.  He was her biggest fan.
He particularly like the Mickey Mouse theme song.
When she played that he would sing along.  
They were well suited as a duo…they had the same musical abilities.

I have her lack of musical talent but I like to sing.
In my head the words sound beautiful but something happens when they the hit the air.
Sadly, even the cat laughs when I sing.


But I don’t let that stop me.
But I only sing in public in big groups where no one can really hear me.
I did take voice lessons.  One day I will tell you about it.

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Thursday, thankful for the blessing…

Mama cat and kitten

Image by BryanAlexander via Flickr

Today at lunch a friend and I were talking about our mothers.  Her mother died a few years ago and mine died 28 years ago.  We both reflected on how we miss them and how there are times when we want to talk to them and no one else will do.

To this day, and I imagine forever, something will happen and I will think, “wait until I tell Ma about this”.   I will be hurt or angry or sick and I want to talk with her because she would listen and let me know no matter what she loved me and would be with me.  Even when I was/did wrong I knew that she would stand with me.  I would still have to pay the price for wrong-doing but it helped to know she was there with me.

I was not the easiest of daughters to have and I know I broke her heart yet she was forgiving and loving.  Though, I must say there were things she would not let go of and forget–but even so she was there.

My mother, like all of us, was not perfect but she will always be my Ma.

Today, I am thankful for the blessing of a mother, who with imperfections and foibles, was a good mother, mama, mommy, Ma.

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Monday, thinking about Ma…

I think of my mother at some point most days.  There are three days a year that I especially think of her;  May 1, the day she was born in 1917, Mother’s Day, February 21, the day she died 30 years ago.
She was a complicated woman.  A bit of a snob, easily hurt and never forgot the hurt, angry a lot of the time and her anger was not a pretty thing, definitely something to be avoided. She was superstitious, and very funny.  She didn’t know she was funny and would not think it a compliment to be told she was.  But, in fact she was truly funny.
She had quirky little superstitious habits that were taken very seriously and silly sayings that were meant as words of wisdom.

She would complain that the doctor gave her the  wrong prescription for glasses, then unknowingly wear my brother’s glasses all day.

One time she had a Perry Como record on the stereo and was happily dusting while listening to it.  The stereo was on the wrong speed and Perry sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks. She never realized this and was quite surprised when it was pointed out.

She occasionally used deodorant as hairspray and never was the wiser.  We knew because her hair smelled liked Daddy’s Right Guard.

For all her strange ways and faults and funniness one thing about my mother that I will always remember and be grateful for is her unconditional love for my brothers and me.  There is no doubt she loved us.  Nobody would get away with messing with her kids if she had anything to say about it. 

I always knew that no matter what I did, no matter how ugly or bad, she would still love me and stand by me.  Oh, when I did wrong I had to pay the consequences, but I knew she would be there with me, she would never abandon me.  She taught me what unconditional love is like in this world. 

On her birthday I buy flowers.  Just a small bouquet that I put on my table.  They make me smile and would make her happy if she saw them.  On Mother’s Day no flowers, just thoughts of her.  And on this day, the anniversary of her death, I just miss her.