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The Table…

Three Line Tales, week 83

tltweek83photo by Dev Benjamin via Unsplash

The Table

She had been working on the project for days and all she had to show for all the hours was a lot of colored paper, cut and folded and strewn across the table. Looking at the table she thought it looked like her life; she had the imagination and ability to finish but she was tired of the work and life with little desire to continue with either.  Both were a mess and she wanted them over and done with, however, there was the possibility that tomorrow would be better so she went back to the table and began again.

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A to Z Challenge 2017 · The way I see it · whatever!


Q2016 is for Q2016uiet

The Way I See It

I am quiet. I like quiet. I need quiet. That’s just the way it is and has been all my life. One of the things I disliked about school (and there were many) was the noise. First grade was a shock. It was never quiet. There was always some noise. In third grade, I had a wonderful teacher who every afternoon turned the lights off and had us put our heads down on our desks and rest…quietly. It was the second-best time of the day, the first best being when we could go home.  I really didn’t like school!

Working was often difficult because most of my working life required talking and listening to others talk…a lot. Somehow I made it work.  Like school, the best thing about work was the time to go home…getting paid helped keep the angst of being there controlled.

Because I like quiet I tend to stay to myself. I have to be careful that my desire for solitude doesn’t isolate me from people and life. I make a point to make plans to meet friends and when invited somewhere I make sure that when I get there I join in with the group. No matter how much fun I may have and how much I enjoy my friends I am happy when it is time to go home…where it is quiet and I am alone.

I know some folks think I am terribly shy, others think I am “stuck-up” or a snob and think I am better than they are but none of that is true. I am not antisocial or weird. What I am is a quiet person who likes being alone most but not all of the time.

The way I see it…I may be a little ditzy but I am basically normal. Well, except for that quiet and alone thing, I guess.

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Piano concert…

This week’s Tuesday Chatter


This evening we had a mini piano concert here where I live.
A man who lives here is a wonderful pianist.
He is a professor of music at the university
and he teaches piano.
He also performs with symphony orchestras
in many places throughout the country.
We were so fortunate to have him share his gift with us tonight.

We don’t have a piano but of course, he does.
He played in his apartment and we listened in the halls.
Chairs were set up in the halls of the fourth, fifth and sixth floors.
We have an atrium on the first floor and the stairs are open
with skylight windows on the roof and sound travels nicely.

After the concert, there was a reception in the
Community Room with wine , cheese, fruit, and sweets.
The evening was quite lovely.
Made me think maybe I should have
taken more than four piano lessons.
That’s another post.

Tuesday Chatter
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A to Z Challenge 2014 · memories · Uncategorized

X is for xylophone…

x4pThere was a little girl who

saw a Miss America contestant playing a


It look like so much fun!

The other contestants were just as beautiful and talented
but none looked like they were having as much fun as
the one playing that xylophone.

The little girl decided that night
she wanted to play the xylophone.

She really didn’t think mommy and daddy would buy her one
but it was worth a try.

So she asked for one.

What a surprise when she opened a bag


and found a xylophone.

It was okay that it wasn’t a big one.
With a little one she could take it everywhere.

The little girl wasn’t the best
xylophone player but she was probably
the most exuberant!

At least until she discovered tap dancing.

First Image: Google
econd Image:Flickr/Frederique Voisin-Demery

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Friday, musical talent or lack of…

Wednesday was my mother’s birthday.  She would have been 96 years old.
 If she was alive today she would probably still be playing the piano or organ.  And playing badly.
She loved playing the piano/organ.
She took years of piano lessons when she was young but they didn’t seem to help.
  She had a basic understanding of music.
 She could read music and knew where the corresponding keys were on the piano and organ.


But somehow it just never all came together.
She would happily play all her favorites.  
But none of us knew what she was playing because they all sounded the same.

We would say, “That was very nice.  What was the name of it?”
“That was familiar.  I just can’t remember the name of that song.”

My dog, Polo, loved to hear her play the organ.  He was her biggest fan.
He particularly like the Mickey Mouse theme song.
When she played that he would sing along.  
They were well suited as a duo…they had the same musical abilities.

I have her lack of musical talent but I like to sing.
In my head the words sound beautiful but something happens when they the hit the air.
Sadly, even the cat laughs when I sing.


But I don’t let that stop me.
But I only sing in public in big groups where no one can really hear me.
I did take voice lessons.  One day I will tell you about it.