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Monday musings…

There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.
Conrad Hall

I like this quote because I believe there is no beauty in perfection.
Actually, I am not sure there is such a thing as perfection in this world we live in.

There is great beauty in nature, but it is not necessarily perfect. Storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, any natural disaster brings imperfection to what may have seemed perfect.

Animals, birds, reptiles, fish, and even insects have an attractiveness to them, though it may be a bit strange. We may find them interesting and often lovely, but there are things in their nature that we find difficult to see as perfect.

And people! How many perfect people do you know, or even know of? There may be some who are pretty close to perfect in what we consider beautiful, but is there really perfection in the physical aspect of human beings? As for the intellectual and emotional parts and pieces of people; how can there be perfection when those things are constantly changing? Customs, habits, dispositions, quirks, attitudes, likes, dislikes; those things are different for everyone. How can perfection be defined or found?

As I said in the beginning of this…I don’t believe there is beauty in perfection.
If every living thing, in this world, was without any faults or flaws
would that be perfect or incredibly boring?

Heaven, I am told is perfect, but I have never been there.
I am fine not knowing for now.

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Monday, the fabric of life…

  Five Sentence Fiction…fabriic


Walking alone in the quiet of early morning she found herself in prayerful contemplation of the beauty around her.  She wondered at the myriad of shapes and colors and sounds and scents, so majestic and complex in construction yet so unassuming and simple in composition, with every thing in its place with its purpose.  As she walked it came to her that like the natural world surrounding her she has a place and purpose.  This epiphany was soaking into the very fabric of her being. She felt strength and resilience, courage and confidence being woven into the tapestry of her life and knew that everything was going to work out; she was going to be fine.

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Monday, photo challenge, purple…

Purple Crepe Myrtle blooming on my balcony…


  It lives in a pot, which Crepe Myrtles do not like to do.  It has been on my balcony for about 10 years.  It was 3 -4 feet tall when I got it and for a couple of years it had lots of purple flowers in the spring and summer.  Then it began to die.  It stopped blooming,  the leaves fell off, and many of the branches broke off.

There were only 3 main branches left with some small shoots off of those.  There were no leaves at all.  The branches were brown and dry.  I just left what was left in the pot because the branches were graceful looking and a nice backdrop for other flowers I planted around it.  It was like that for a few years

To my surprise, in the spring of 2010 I noticed a few leaves.  By summer it had a few flowers.  Last year there were more leaves and more flowers.  This year still more leaves and more flowers.

I had written it off as dead.  But it wasn’t.  Somewhere in that plant there was a spark of hope. All it needed was time to lie dormant for a while; to rest and ready itself for new life. 

Today, I think nature is quite inspiring and has something to teach us. We just need to wait, patiently,with our eyes and hearts open.

Saturday · someday

Saturday, someday I may need help…

My Messy Desk
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Today is Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am by nature a quiet, neat, and organized person.  I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  After I use something I put it back where I got it from.  I close cabinet doors and drawers, hang towels neatly on the towel rods; my closet is organized as is my dresser, everything hanging straight or folded and neatly placed on shelves or in drawers, shoes and purses all in rows.

Even the kitchen is under control.  The dishes organized in one cabinet, glasses in another, pots and pans in their place; the drawers each have assigned items, the towel drawer, utensils and silverware drawers, and my junk drawer is clean and uncluttered.

The linen closet is a study of symmetry, everything lined up and in stacks. Each shelf has its own related items with no overlapping of towels and sheets and tablecloths.  There is a miscellaneous shelf that is a hodge-podge of stuff but of course it is neat.

All this brings me to the problem of my goffice.  This room is an extra bedroom that is occasionally used for guests but it is daily used as my office, that’s why I call it the goffice.  When it was only a guest room it was like the rest of my place, you know, neat.  But since it has become an office there has been an invasion of some sort of messy creatures.  Not only are these invisible creatures messy but they leave behind a scentless toxic gas that renders me unable to straighten up or clean in here.  Therefore, papers pile up, books scattered on the desk and sofa  and floor, pens and pencils are everywhere on the desk except in the pencil cup or drawer.  I think discussing the state of the desk drawers is pointless as would be a discussion of the bookcases and closet.  The general condition of this room is awful.

This is very strange because my desk at work is very–yes, neat–even when I am working.  The papers are in straight piles and the pens and markers are in the cup where they belong, the notebooks lined up, and the calculator and stapler are in their places.   The desk and workspace are, well–neat.

I think I may have to keep the goffice door closed  so visitors won’t see that I am losing my neatness edge but also because I am afraid these nasty creatures will lay siege to other rooms.  Sometimes I think the toxic gases are moving down the hall and rendering me unconscious to little messes here and there.

Someday I may need to get professional help.  Don’t know who to call though.  Merry Maids or GhostBusters?  Maybe  the  Busty Ghost Maids?