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Jack here wants to be there…

Lost In Translation’s Thursday’s Special
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Here and There

Here is Jack wanting to be There.
Jack is very interested in what happens on the balcony
two floors down and calls to them until someone responds
with a “Hey there cat!”

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Monday, news travels fast…


News Travels Fast

While out for my morning constitutional I stopped by a new house on the street to welcome my new neighbor.  She was kind of shy at first but I am a friendly guy and before long we were having fun getting to know each other, nothing serious, just playing.  But how news travels through the neighborhood; the way everyone was acting you would think we were behaving like wild animals.  Her Mom was yelling and screaming at us and my dad was dragging me home telling me what a bad boy I was.  But really you would have gone a little crazy and fallen in love, too, if you saw her beautiful blonde hair, big brown eyes, her cute little nose, and a big sassy tail all fluffy and swishy and wagging all over the place.

Today, I think this one was just silly fun.

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