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The new year and resolutions…

Happy New Year!catplaidhat

New Year Resolutions?
None for me!

I have made resolutions in the past.  I don’t remember what they were but I do remember that I didn’t keep them. So, now I just don’t make them so I don’t feel bad at the end of the year when I realize that I am a resolution failure.

That’s all I have to say on the subject!
Now on to other stuff.

I do reflect on the year gone by.
This year there are things I am happy about
and some things not so much.

Happy stuff…

  • time spent with friends
  • lots of time to read…76 books read in 2018
  • going to bed late and sleeping til nine or ten
  • started keeping a journal
  • organizing closets
  • finishing the kitchen…except for crown molding

Not so happy stuff

  • didn’t get the living room painted
  • decluttering still a work in progress
  • falling behind in all things blog related

About the blogs…I have been neglecting most everything blog related.

  • I apologize to all who have participated in the In Other Words challenge for not spending time with you. I do appreciate your writing and linking your poems and stories. Please forgive me.
  • I have also been negligent in responding to comments in general. I have no excuse. I just have not been making good use of my time when it comes to the computer.
  • I have not been to visit blogs I follow, and I am sorry. Again no excuse.
  • The most recent blogs were written in November and scheduled for December with the plan to update as the month progressed. Just didn’t happen.

One thing I have found in retirement is that the less you have to do the less you do. When I worked I made myself get other things done. In retirement, I tell myself I will do whatever needs to be done later. Of course, later never comes it just gets put on tomorrow’s to-do list.

Maybe I do have one resolution…






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Saturday, resolve…

Maksimir Path
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Today is the first day of the New Year, 2011.

As I reflect on last year my first thoughts are that it was just another year.  No mountain tops and no deep pits.  No real forward motion but no slipping back, just holding steady.  The only thing that stands out is the death of my cat.  Other than that there is nothing about 2010 that had any lasting impression on me.

But with further thought I realize I am more content and at peace with the world and myself than ever before.  That alone makes last year one worth keeping in a treasure chest marked “Remember”.

Being content and at peace with the world and self does not come with trumpets and parades and loud hurrahs.  It slips in quietly, unnoticed and unheralded, and takes up residence without a fuss.

How awesome is that?!

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions but if I did I would resolve to more readily recognize the grace of  contentment and peace that blesses my life.

Who, on earth, knows what 2011 will bring?  What I do know is that I will keep my “Remember”  treasure chest close at hand.  And I will keep my heart open to all the grace and blessings of contentment and peace that is yet to be revealed .

Happy New Year.