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Quotes and Questions, 2018 #1


“Now there are more overweight people in America than average weight people. So now overweight people are average. Which means you’ve met your New Year’s resolution.”
Jay Leno

I think this bad news is good to hear.
It is nice to keep a resolution.

What do you think?

A to Z Challenge 2015 · news · rant

N=news rant…

A to Z Challenge
letter today is

I have been thinking about the news and it has led to this rant.


I haven’t had a TV in years so I don’t get any of that news. I don’t like listening to talk on the radio so no news there for me. I do get the local newspaper but not especially for the news. I get the newspaper for the comics, puzzles, ads, obits and social info.

So far, I have gotten along quite nicely not knowing in detail what’s going on in the world. I have a neighbor who is concerned about my lack of news interest. He watches TV news all the time, listens to news radio when in the car and gets several newspapers every day. I am concerned that he will lose his mind or have a stroke from news overload.

It’s not like I live in a cave or with blinders on. I am not oblivious to what is going on around me. I do read headlines and listen to others talk about what’s happening in the world. I am aware of politics, wars, the economy, taxes, health issues, gangs, environment and ecology concerns, celebrities and their messes, and the list goes on. I just prefer to put those things lower on my news meter.

Really, there is good news out there but you have to search for it. Maybe if the good news was the lead story, headlines, page one news, then the bad news wouldn’t take over our thinking and there would be less ugly news events happening to report. I know there will be those who read this who will be appalled and think me stupid to be so out of tune with the news. But then I am often appalled at what is considered news-worthy and that it gets so much attention. End of rant.

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Five Sentence Fiction · Monday · Uncategorized

Monday, news travels fast…


News Travels Fast

While out for my morning constitutional I stopped by a new house on the street to welcome my new neighbor.  She was kind of shy at first but I am a friendly guy and before long we were having fun getting to know each other, nothing serious, just playing.  But how news travels through the neighborhood; the way everyone was acting you would think we were behaving like wild animals.  Her Mom was yelling and screaming at us and my dad was dragging me home telling me what a bad boy I was.  But really you would have gone a little crazy and fallen in love, too, if you saw her beautiful blonde hair, big brown eyes, her cute little nose, and a big sassy tail all fluffy and swishy and wagging all over the place.

Today, I think this one was just silly fun.

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Teddy · Tuesday · Uncategorized · \O/

Tuesday, Teddy has some news…

Hi Peoples!

Guess what…don’t even try…this is so unbelievable you will never guess it.

I am working on my own blog!

Mama has to help cause I don’t have fingers and so can’t type.

Anyway, I am putting it all together and will let you know when I am online. 

It’s a bit of work, you know.  Lots to think about; theme, and background, about page, stuff like that.

 Mama’s cautiously mildly sort of going forward with the idea.

But I am excited. 

So excited I am worn out!