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Thursday, thoughts…

One reason that cats are happier than people
is that they have no newspapers.
Gwendolyn Brooks

Teddy Smiling
Jack Laughing

My happy cats.

Teddy and Jack have no interest in the newspaper. Actually, they really don’t like the newspaper. I don’t pay attention to them when I am reading the paper and doing the daily puzzles. That doesn’t exactly make them happy. And they are very good at getting my attention. Jack meows loudly and taps my legs without stop. Teddy pushes at the paper until he is in my lap and laying on the paper.

It doesn’t take long for me to stop the newspaper nonsense and pay attention to them giving them scratches and chin rubs and sweet talking them. When they are satisfied that I understand what’s important they happily go off for morning naps.

I think what makes them happy isn’t that they don’t have newspapers but that they can use the newspaper to make me remember what’s really important in the world and why Patricia’s Place is a happy place no matter what the news reports have to say. And truthfully, if it wasn’t for the puzzles, the news ain’t all that great and most days could really get me down if not for my catkids.

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Friday, it’s about the news habit…

A while back Kate at Views and Mews by Coffee Kat asked the question, “Do you read newspapers?”

 Well, when it comes to this topic I guess I am a dinosaur.  I like the real newspaper. You know the one printed on paper that is delivered to your door early in the morning.  Don’t get me wrong I love my computer and Nook but I still gotta have the morning paper.


Not that I always read it in the morning or actually read the whole thing.  I have my way of perusing the news.  I look at the front page headlines, then on page two is the weather, must look at that so I know how to dress.  Then I look at the obituaries, not sure why I do this.

I remember making fun of my mother because she checked out the obituaries first thing.  I didn’t understand the attraction.  I still don’t understand and now I am the one doing it…first thing. Well, third thing.  Maybe it is just an old thing.  I didn’t get the habit until after I was fifty.

If it is a day I am  not working, the comics are next, Dear Abby, then on to the puzzles.  Crossword, Word Jumble, and Word Game…in that order, always.  

Then I look at, not really read, the rest of the paper, except the Sports.  I rarely, if ever, read the Sports pages.sports

And after all that I check out the sale brochures.  The days I work just the first three get done in the morning the rest has to wait until afternoon.

I will be very unhappy if/when the day comes that I have to do all this on the computer or digital reader.  I guess I would get used to it but that doesn’t mean I would like it.

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Hasn’t this been the most interesting of boring posts you have read in days?!

Today, I think I need to get out more.