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Today I am linking to In Other Words prompt
“Dreaming, afterall, is a form of planning.”
Gloria Steinem
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She worked long and hard to make her dream come true.  She had been unwilling to make any change in the plans and schedules that she made carefully and in detail every step of the way.  Many times she would cancel plans she made with friends and usually didn’t make it home for the holidays, birthdays or reunions. So often she broke dates with the man she loved and hoped to marry that one day he said goodbye and never came back. Everyone thought she was living the dream she worked so hard and sacrificed so much for all those years. But she knew the truth, she was living a nightmare of loneliness.

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In Other Words
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W is for wood shoes…

w4pThere was a little girl who

sometimes had nightmares.

For a while she had nightmares about people
who were wearing wooden shoes.

It was all because of Howdy Doody.


There was a story on his show about some bad
puppet people who wore wooden shoes.

She told her mommy about her fear of
these puppet people with wood shoes.
Mommy assured her that where they lived
there was no one who wore wood shoes so she was safe.

One day the little girl and her mommy were taking a taxi  home.
They lived in a small town with only a couple of taxis
so people often shared a ride.
On this day the driver stopped to pick up another lady.

She smiled at the lady but the lady didn’t smile back.
She seemed mad and a bit mean.

The little girl scooted over closer to her mommy.
Then she looked down and had the fright of her life.


The lady had wood shoes on just like the ones
the bad puppet people wore on Howdy Doody!

First Image: wikimedia
econd Image: Google

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thankfulness · Thursday

Thursday, thankful…

Sweet Henry Napping

Today is Thursday,  September 16, 2010

I am so thankful I have no problem sleeping.   Most of the time I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep until the alarm wakes me.  Well, there is one potty time in there but I hardly wake up for that,  just enough to get to the pot and back to bed.  I know that  many people  have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep or sleeping at all for that matter.  That must be awful–more than awful.  If you are one of them I am so sorry.

And I can nap.  Whenever.  I really do not even have to be tired to take a nap.  Just let me lay down in the afternoon (or late morning or early evening) preferably with my cat and I am out of the game for an hour.

I do not know why I can sleep so easily.  Maybe I am too shallow to have worries or  be troubled by much.  Maybe I am just an empty-headed ditz.  Who knows.   I am not going to study it too closely.   All I know is I am thankful for the gift of sleep and sweet dreams.  Okay there is the occasional nightmare–and if it wakes me up I go right back to sleep–no problem.  Sweet!