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What’s with all the loud noise?

grrrMama says it is the Fourth of July.
It’s called Independence Day.and peoples celebrate.
I’m all for independence, I am a cat you know.
If you want to celebrate go ahead,
but listen people, you can be independent and quiet.
As a cat I know this for a fact.
All this noise is crazy.
How is a guy supposed to sleep with all the racket?

teddysignPs I told mama she could link this to Six Word Saturday.

I also told her I would remind you about In Other Words.

Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Pet the cat to see the words of others.
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Saturday, answer to a migraine…


My headaches with one of those tension, pressure, pounding pain headaches on its way to a migraine.  Hubby and his friends are in the den with the big game on the television and the sound all the way up blaring with all that yelling and rah-rah going on. Upstairs the kids have the stereo on blast and playing video games with all that beeping, bamming, slamming, screeching, pow-ing.  There is a Tom in the yard loudly romancing the cat making the neighborhood dogs nuts, barking and howling.  I need complete darkness and quiet!  Oh, where is there a power failure when you need it?

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