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Life with Aspergers…


This is a fascinating look at the life of someone with Asperger’s syndrome.  It is not a textbook study of Aspergers it is simply the story of one man’s life.  Robison tells stories about his life to illustrate what his life was like as a child, young adult, and successful business man. The stories are interesting, funny, brave, sad and honest.Robison was not diagnosed with Aspergers until he was forty.  All his life he was thought of as weird, difficult, social misfit, unable to learn, a trouble-maker.  The list of negatives could go on but the truth is he is odd, difficult, socially inept and a prankster, but intelligent, and a hard worker. He was told he was a failure who would never amount to anything but he has had a successful life in more than one business career, is married, has a son, writes books, consults and speaks about Aspergers.

Robison writes about his family, a mentally ill mother, alcoholic father, and a younger brother. He tells about trying to make friends but having no idea how to, having it suggested by school authorities he should leave school which he did at sixteen.  He tells about the pranks, some very serious that could have been disastrous, and his girlfriend who became his first wife and mother of his son. His awareness that he could fix just about any machine or electric device opens up a whole new world for him. The stories are amazing and are humorous yet often heartbreaking.

When Robison was forty a friend who is a psychologist realized John has Aspergers.  When the friend gives John a book about Aspergers he begins to understand that he is not weird just different and that he can learn social skills and how to look at people and have a conversation. As he begins to understand why he is different he can see himself and the world around him more clearly.  His second wife plays a major part in helping him see that he is perhaps eccentric but not a misfit. She also helps him understand people and how to interact with them.

Some of his accomplishments besides his writing, speaking and consulting are; one of his first jobs was working and traveling with rock bands as a sound and lighting expert, including the band KISS, working for Milton Bradley in research and development of new action toys, and now owning his own business repairing and restoring fine automobiles.

As I said this is not a textbook. It is a memoir told plainly without undue sentimentality.It is not filled with medical jargon or hard to grasp theories. It is just a man telling his story and well worth reading.

This book was sent to me without charge by
Blogging_for_Books_Lockup_1a in exchange for this review.

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Books I read in October…

Here it is the first Monday in November
and my list of books that I read in October.


Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer

I like the stories that Thayer writes. They are easy reads and
always have a happy ending.  This book is about a rich girl and a poor girl
who become friends when they are five years old.
The friendship is a happy one until it isn’t.
Affairs of the heart get in the way and there are misunderstandings and drifting apart.
But true friendship finds its way back and when a friend is needed she is there for you.


After I’m Gone by Laura Lippman

Two women love the same man and he loves them.
One he marries one he keeps.
One he has children with one he doesn’t.
He leaves both of them and disappears.
What happens to the women after his disappearance  is the story.
It was a good book.  Kept my interest. Not too many surprises but there were some.


The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

After WWI, a mother and daughter who were once rich and now are not
take in a young married couple as lodgers.
A love affair develops and the lovers try to find a way to be together.
Someone is accidentally killed and everything gets complicated.
The author spends two-thirds of the book setting up the story then
seems to rush through the last part of the book.
it was okay.


There is no great excitement in this book but it is a very good book.
A long married childless couple, a judge and a professor, have a mid-life crisis.
The judge has a case in her court involving a teen who is refusing medical treatment.
She must decide whether to allow the boy to refuse treatment or order the procedure.
The professor wants to have an affair with a young colleague
and asks the judge, to understand that he loves her but needs this last fling.
It’s a good character study with real emotions and pain and few answers.
Just like life.
I liked it.


Angels Watching Over Me by Michael Phillips

At the end of the Civil War, a plantation owner’s daughter and a slave meet
and help each other cope with unbelievable violence and tragedy.
They become unlikely friends who must grow up too quickly.
The story is told by the slave girl when she is an old woman.
This book is the first of a series and I liked it but I don’t know
if it has made me want to read the rest of the books.


If God Is Good by Randy Alcorn

This has taken me an age to read.
It is a very good book and I will write a review this week.
All I will say here is that this is not easy reading
and I think it would best be read in a study group.
It is not light reading and discussion would have helped me
wade through some of the deeper stuff.

So, that’s it for my October reading list.

Click here and see what others are reading.
Click here and see what others are reading.

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Books I read this month…

Here’s a new (to me) blog hop
hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.

Click on the books to see other posts on this hop.

I don’t think I will be joining every Monday but maybe once a month.
So here is what I have read this month:


This was interesting.  The stories of people who started over.
I have actually met one of the women profiled and a friend of mine works for her.


I reviewed this one here .


This was a most wonderful book.  You must read it!
There is a prologue and four parts.
It about Alice Stone, Bobby Banks, and Amelia Brighton.
All with different stories that intertwine.


This was ok.  Not my favorite this month.


Another must read!
A father makes the wrong decision to protect his son.
He makes the split second decision for all the right reasons but it is still wrong.
I couldn’t help but like the characters…except for one who was anything but likable.
I pretty much read this in one sitting…with breaks for laundry and stuff.


Another ok.  A bit like Marlo Thomas’ book
except I never met anyone who is in it.

Right now I am reading

Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen
and I have
Bad Wolf by Nele Neuhaus
on the table to read next.

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Get comfy and read something…

With the weather icy cold it’s a great time to
wrap up in an afghan with some hot chocolate, a cat, and a book.

I am currently reading I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb
It is one of those books that it seems not much is happening yet
it is fascinating and I must keep reading.

If you don’t have anything to read just now here are some books
that I read and liked.

eveSilencing Eve by Iris Johansen ****

I have never been disappointed in anything Iris Johansen has written.  There are several books with Eve Duncan as the main character.  In this one Eve has been kidnapped by the father of a dead pedophile and would be terrorist. The question is whether Eve and her kidnapper have been killed in an explosion or did they escape?  It is no spoiler to say of course, they survived.  The twists and turns of the story and the personalities of those trying to find Eve keeps the story moving along.


An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski ***

This is a true story of a New York journalist and the street kid she befriends. This unlikely friendship of Laura and Maurice is heartwarming and sad, encouraging and discouraging.  It made me wonder how a child who lives with neglect and abuse could trust anyone…ever.  Or how he survives and makes a good life for himself.  That is Maurice’s story.  Laura’s story is not so wrenching but she didn’t have the easiest time growing up.  She was successful in her career and had many friends but still felt adrift.  She doesn’t know what made her turn around and offer to take the 11-year-old panhandler to supper…but she did.  Definitely a book worth reading.  It might make you think about your own life a bit more realistically.  Personally, I know I never would have survived a life like Maurice’s.

lowThe Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri ****

This is so well written it took my breath away.  It is lyrical prose.  The story takes place in India and the United States.  About two brothers and a woman.  Politics, revolution, family, tragedy, love.  It’s all here and as beautiful and awful as it can be.  I got the book at the library and thought maybe it would be okay.  Sure shows how wrong I can be about the cover of a book.  Read this book!

ipoThe I.P.O. by Dan Koontz ***

This was a free Amazon e-book.  I downloaded it because it was free and I misread the author’s name and thought it was written by Dean Koontz.  When I realized it was written by Dan not Dean I thought about not reading it. Never heard of Dan and not all that interested from the title and promo blurb.  But what the heck I was all comfy and ready to read so I read.  It was a good story.  James Tyler starts up a company that arranges adoptions of exceptional children.  Children who have the potential to change the world with their intelligence, talents, and gifts. The adoption agency is a corporation, on the stock market, that trades on the future success of the children.  I liked the book it was interesting and thought provoking.

So, that’s it for today.

Happy week-end.

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Monday, just a little book…

A Black Cat Book Review

Simply Jesus by Joseph Stowell

Joseph Stowell has written a  little book that is Simply Jesus.  It is not a long complicated highly intellectual treatise on what it means to know Jesus.  The discussion is more like a conversation with a caring teacher.

There is a richness in not just knowing Jesus but in experiencing Him; and this is what Stowell writes about–experiencing Jesus.  He tells us of some attitude shifts that must be made before we come to the place of experiencing Jesus.  Then he writes of three meeting places; in the Power of His Resurrection, in the Fellowship of His Sufferings, and in Sweet Surrender.

This would be a wonderful book to give a new believer or one who is wandering and wondering. A Christian who is feeling alone and lonely but doesn’t know why would benefit as would anyone who just needs a reminder or nudge to rekindle their faith.

I highly recommend this little book. It is easy to read but has surprising depth and is encouraging in it’s simplicity.

This book was sent to me without charge
WaterBrook Multnomah
in exchange for this review.

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Friday, Ruth has a story to tell…

A Black Cat Book Review

The Girl’s Still Got It by Liz Curtis Higgs

This well researched verse by verse study of the book of Ruth is a refreshing new look at the story.  The story is well-known and often quoted and because it is so familiar we may think there is nothing new we can learn from it.  In her down to earth style Higgs takes this ancient story and with insight and vision  gives today’s reader not only a look at life then but gives her a contemporary understanding of it.

In this study we learn that there is more to love than good feelings; there is sacrifice, loss, hard work, determination, obedience,  trust, and a lot of humility.  We learn about how Ruth’s love for Naomi takes Naomi from bitterness to gratitude and hope.  We learn about selflessness and the need to not only  hold on but to let go.  Boaz teaches us about patience, respect, and prudence.

Two things that I especially liked about this book were the  word studies and the use of many bible translations.  By delving deeper into the Hebrew words the text became clearer and gave better comprehension to the meaning.  Using many bible translations helps in the understanding of the significance and intent of the verses.  These two tools certainly gave me a clearer picture of the story and its lessons.

At the end of each chapter there is a short comment by a  “Ruth In Real Life”.  They are interesting and give  perspective about the chapter  from women today.  There are Discussion Questions and a  Study Guide included.  Both are thought provoking.

And not to be missed at the very back of the book...

Righteous Ruth Rap. 

I received this book free of charge from WaterBrook Multnomah in exchange for this review.