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Friday, making my brain itch…

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The question yesterday from The Daily Post at is “Do you want to live forever?”

My question is “Can you imagine not being alive?”

I ask this because truthfully I can’t imagine not being alive.  All I know is living–life.  I have known people who are now dead–I have seen death.  I know that those people are gone from here, this life, and I can’t see, feel, or hear them any more.  But I am here, not gone from here.  I can’t imagine being somewhere else or being nowhere.

I believe in eternity and eternal life, yet, I can’t get my mind around it to put myself someplace other than where I am, here, alive in my body and in this world.  Because I do believe there is more than this life here, the thought of being dead doesn’t bother me because I will be alive somewhere.  But I just cannot imagine not being here.

Today, I have made my brain itch…