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Life can be difficult…

looking out

It looks nice out there, but Mama says it’s too chilly
to leave the door open. The thing is I don’t like to be
out if I can’t get back in when I want so the door
must stay open. It sure looks nice out there
and here I am inside with no way out and if
I go out I will have no way in.
Life can be difficult.

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Tuesday, outside!…

Hi Peoples!

I am so excited!  I got to go outside on the balcony!   Everyday I sit on my pillow and look out the big door at the outside but never actually got to go out there.


There are lots of things out there I have never seen or smelled before.  And the air blows around.  Mama says it’s called the wind.  When there is wind there are so many smells coming from every direction I almost can’t stand it.

We are way up high.


Mama says if I jump off the balcony I will get very hurt if not killed.  I don’t know what killed is but the way Mama says it I know it’s a bad thing.  But I see birds jumping off our balcony and nothing bad happens to them.  Some things are hard to figure out.

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Mama says I make her very nervous and, until I am a big boy and I learn not to do that, I can’t be outside by myself.  That’s ok cause I like to have her close to me because I am still a little guy, you know.  She makes sure I am as safe as I can be.


Oh, and Mama says the 3 times and you’re in trouble rule does not apply on the balcony!  It is much too dangerous to take any chances.


But it sure does look inviting down there.