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Thursday, thankful for just enough…

Diamond Paperweight 8-24-09 1

Image by stevendepolo via Flickr

I was reading some news on-line and saw an amazing story. (see the story here) It seems a basketball player and a star got engaged.  He gave her  a diamond engagement ring that cost two million dollars!

She said it was almost like a fake one she got at Macy’s as a teenager.  It’s perfect.  He said he just wanted it to be big.

How wonderful for the two of them they both got what they want.  And for only 2 million dollars!  I wonder what the first anniversary gift will be.  Traditionally the first anniversary gift is to be paper.  Maybe he could give two million in dollar bills.  I mean really it’s going to take some doing to top the ring thing.  He shoulda thought of that.

To get serious here though, I think this whole thing is kinda sad and makes me a bit angry.  Ok, they have scads and boodles of money and it is their right to spend it the way they want.

I don’t know these people so don’t have a clue, well maybe a bit of a clue, as to their values and ethics but I am curious about what they give to the less fortunate.  It is possible they are very generous and don’t flaunt their charitable giving, which would be commendable, and if this is the case I humbly, (ok more sarcastically than humbly) ask their forgiveness for my questioning of their values.

Today I think that though it is wonderful to imagine having scads and boodles of money I am thankful to always have just enough.  I would, of course, be thankful for more, but maybe not as thankful as I am for just enough.

Saturday · someday

Saturday, someday I may need help…

My Messy Desk
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Today is Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am by nature a quiet, neat, and organized person.  I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  After I use something I put it back where I got it from.  I close cabinet doors and drawers, hang towels neatly on the towel rods; my closet is organized as is my dresser, everything hanging straight or folded and neatly placed on shelves or in drawers, shoes and purses all in rows.

Even the kitchen is under control.  The dishes organized in one cabinet, glasses in another, pots and pans in their place; the drawers each have assigned items, the towel drawer, utensils and silverware drawers, and my junk drawer is clean and uncluttered.

The linen closet is a study of symmetry, everything lined up and in stacks. Each shelf has its own related items with no overlapping of towels and sheets and tablecloths.  There is a miscellaneous shelf that is a hodge-podge of stuff but of course it is neat.

All this brings me to the problem of my goffice.  This room is an extra bedroom that is occasionally used for guests but it is daily used as my office, that’s why I call it the goffice.  When it was only a guest room it was like the rest of my place, you know, neat.  But since it has become an office there has been an invasion of some sort of messy creatures.  Not only are these invisible creatures messy but they leave behind a scentless toxic gas that renders me unable to straighten up or clean in here.  Therefore, papers pile up, books scattered on the desk and sofa  and floor, pens and pencils are everywhere on the desk except in the pencil cup or drawer.  I think discussing the state of the desk drawers is pointless as would be a discussion of the bookcases and closet.  The general condition of this room is awful.

This is very strange because my desk at work is very–yes, neat–even when I am working.  The papers are in straight piles and the pens and markers are in the cup where they belong, the notebooks lined up, and the calculator and stapler are in their places.   The desk and workspace are, well–neat.

I think I may have to keep the goffice door closed  so visitors won’t see that I am losing my neatness edge but also because I am afraid these nasty creatures will lay siege to other rooms.  Sometimes I think the toxic gases are moving down the hall and rendering me unconscious to little messes here and there.

Someday I may need to get professional help.  Don’t know who to call though.  Merry Maids or GhostBusters?  Maybe  the  Busty Ghost Maids?


Monday · musings

Monday, musings about mail…

Today is Monday, October 25, 2010


I have tried to simplify my life and to live with a bit more awareness of the  earth.  By that I mean  making my life more simple  will perhaps result in being kind to the earth.  I try to use less paper by using cloth instead of paper where possible; I don’t buy paper towels for instance.  I don’t leave the water running when I brush my teeth and I shower more than take baths.  The bath thing is a bummer–I do love a bubble bath.  I only wash full loads of laundry and full loads in the dishwasher.  Turn lights off in rooms I am not using–big for me because I hate dark rooms.  Recycle where I can.  Anyway, you get the idea.

So, to be mindful of the earth’s resources, I bank on-line and now I am setting up e-bills.  Not only is it good for Mother Earth but for me.  It is so much easier this way.  But there is a down side.–every thing seems to have a down-side.  Doing all this paper saving results in less mail. And like nice hot bubble baths I like my mail.

Now when I go to the mail box with happy thoughts of cards and catalogs and magazines and letters and notes and yes, even bills, there is often just an empty box.  I hate that!

copyright Louise Callen used by permission

Of course, I do have e-mail and I shop on-line catalogs.  I even look at on-line magazines.  But it’s just not the same.  I was so excited when last year a friend gave me a real magazine subscription for Christmas.  It’s okay if someone gives you a subscription as a gift–but not to buy one for yourself.

I do get a Netflix movie once a week–I do that because I am too cheap to go to the movies often.  And when I order something  on-line it comes in the mail but the cheap thing comes into play again so the ordering is rare.  I am not really cheap or frugal but learning to take care with my finances–I am a positive, glass half full kind of person, or I would have said lack of finances.

So, to be a good steward of the earth’s bounty I have turned to Cyber mail–but it is not the same as real mail.  It is not as enjoyable  an experience as real mail.  I imagine there will be a day when snail mail is no longer an option and all correspondence will be digital.  How sad–woe is me.


Monday · musings

Monday, musings…


Custom Moleskine Planner & iPod touch
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Today is Monday, October 11, 2010


I use three calendars, four, if you count the one at work.  One of the calendars is on the computer, it is the master calendar.  It has birthdays, appointments, work schedule, and to-do’s on it.  The second is on my phone, it has appointments and dates with friends, but no birthdays or to-do’s.  The third calendar is a paper daily planner diary sort.  It has most of what is on the computer calendar but also has little notes to myself on it.  The one at work just reminds me what day it is and if it is payday, so I really do not count that one.

Why in the world do I need three calendars?  Well, the one on the phone is always with me and if someone wants to make plans I can check it and confirm dates.  The computer calendar is the one I have depended on for  a few years to keep track of everything.  One day I got to thinking about computer crashes and what I would do if this laptop of mine went BAM and I lost all my stuff.  So the birth of the paper planner/diary.

I know I will keep the phone calendar because  like I said I have it with me all the time.  However, I am thinking that perhaps the paper calendar can take over the computer one.  Most of the people I know use the paper daily planner kind, but I love my computer calendar with all its colors and little stickers.  And it seems so today, like I am on the cutting edge, a real techie type.

I think for now I will just stay with three calendars but it does seems  a bit excessive, especially for someone who works part-time and is not super social or even very busy.  Maybe I have OCD or something?