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It just takes a little spunk…

listenI’m telling you, big guy,together we can do this. It’s fine and dandy to be their best friend and all that,but ya gotta remember who’s boss. With a little effort and teamwork,we will have our humans trained in no time.They really do need a lot of discipline and a firm paw to be good and well-behaved devoted pet people. Just do as I say and they will worship us before you can say woof.

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Love Your Pet Day…

Today is
Love Your Pet Day.


Did you give loves to your pet today?
Do you need to be reminded to do this?
Shame on you!


It amazes me when pets are not treated well.
They are part of the family and deserve to be cared for and loved.

Studies show that those who abuse people
start out by abusing animals.

Abusive people are cowards.

End of rant.

Go hug your pet.

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Thursday, thankful for nine lives…

41217_1619628534468_1349041552_1699312_499486_nMy elderly cat has a difficult time keeping food in her tummy.  She hasn’t been able to eat cat food for  a while.  I have been feeding her cans of tuna and chicken and turkey and salmon.  She can tolerate these people foods but she has lost a lot of weight, half her body weight, so she is 4 pounds now, really skinny.  A few weeks ago I found some new (to us) cat food that she has been eating.  She likes 3 of the varieties but  Grammy’s Pot Pie is her favorite.

This old cat is like a child to me.  I know, some people think it is weird or sad that people care about their pets so much.  Maybe I am  a crazy cat lady but I am grateful that I have had this cat with me through thick and thin, good and bad, for the last 18 years, and I will keep her happy as long as I can.  So far she isn’t in pain and gets around pretty good, she just has this sensitive tummy thing going on.

She is probably living the last of her nine lives.

Today I am thankful for Merrick’s Cat food.bedtimebookI am thankful that Dolly has a full tummy and sleeps comfortably.

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Monday, how my cats were named…

Cats Eyes

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

Anyone who has wandered through here more than a couple of times knows that I am crazy for cats and their people.  I would like to have a dog and a couple of birds and maybe someday I will.  Right now the diva girlcat who lives here will not allow it and since she is 18 I will bend to her rule.

Anyway, Dimple at Meditations of My Heart has shared pictures of her beautiful cat, Ghost.  Go look at them, he is so handsome.  While there I got to thinking about how we name our pets.  Dimple’s cat is very aptly named.

I had a big white cat, Kitzie.  He got his name because He would come to me when I would say kitzie kitzie kitzie.  He was a great cat, saved my life once.  Really!  I will tell you about it one day.

41217_1619628534468_1349041552_1699312_499486_nMy girlcat, the diva, is named Dolly, because she is a little doll.  My boy, who is now in heaven, was named Hannah until she went to the vet to be spayed.  Hey, stop laughing, sometimes it is hard to tell boys and girls in kittens, it could happen to you!  Well, obviously her name was changed to Henry so he wouldn’t be teased unmercifully by bad bully cats.

4-15-2011 8;36;37 PM

Growing up we had many dogs, Susie, Skipper, Duchess, and Missy are the ones I remember best.  As for cats,  there were so many.  Pete was the first then came Mittens who had kittens—often. She had so many kittens the only name I remember is Maxwell.

We also had fish, hamsters, mice, and birds.  I will have to remember to tell you about the parakeet, Willie.  He was a hoot–or a chirp–whatever–he had personality.

Today, I think people who won’t have a pet because they think they are dirty or too much work have some sort of heart imbalance.