A to Z Challenge 2018 · whatever!

X is for xenophobia…

colorful-1313027_640is for xenophobia


Phobias are persistent irrational fears of specific objects, activities or situations.
Some seem silly and harmless with little impact on day-to-day life.
But there are phobias that are terrible, frightening and life-altering.

Xenophobia is one of those that seems to be rampant today.
It is a fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers, their politics or cultures.
The fear or dislike of the customs or traditions of people different from oneself.

Why fear or hate someone you probably don’t know?
Is this simply narrow-mindedness and preconceived notions?
Or is it prejudice and discrimination based on ignorance?

This is not a lighthearted fun post.
I didn’t start out to write something so heavy and serious.
Reading about xenophobia made me think and question.

In truth, there are people I don’t like because of their politics or beliefs.
I may not understand or agree with them but I do not hate them.
They have a right to their opinions and thoughts even if different than mine.

After reading the above I was going to delete it all and start over.
Just be my usual laid-back happy self…but my heart hurts.
I had to write these words.

Be someone who accepts those who are different and does not tolerate xenophobia.