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Saturday, speculation…

Disney Tinkerbell Place Mat
Image by hz536n via Flickr

Today is Saturday, October 23, 2010


Someone recently took my picture without my knowledge–not just once but twice!  What a shock when I saw the pictures–I look like an elderly elf!   I know I am not a young woman any more and I am past middle age–unless I live over one hundred years.  So I know that I am an older woman but when did the old elf thing start?

When I am at the mall or in a store somewhere and catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror I am always surprised at how  I look.  When I leave my house I usually feel pretty good about how I look.  I mean I do put some effort into the packaging.  But I think something dastardly happens when I am outside my own four walls.  A nasty witch comes along and zaps me bad!  One time as I was walking toward some mirrors in a store I thought the woman in front of me looked so tired and pale and needed a new hair-do.  It was me–horrors–it was depressing.

In my mind I look how I did when I was thirty, well, maybe forty.  But the thing is I am surprised, almost shocked that I have aged.  Everybody does this getting older thing but when does it sink in that being a senior citizen is no longer a time in the future?

And another thing–why did I think I was so unattractive when I was young?  The truth is–and photographs confirm this–I was quite beautiful.  Not so much when I was a teenager but when I was a young woman.  One time while looking at family pictures my younger brother  commented that I should have been locked  in the attic and let out when I was twenty.  Wonder what he would say if he saw me today?  It may be a good thing that he can’t.  He might think that looking like an elderly elf warrants time in the basement.

Of course, this is written in fun–for the most part.  I am okay with getting older, it doesn’t bother me much.  I do wish I had appreciated what I had when I had it though.  A friend of mine, a woman older than me, says that youth is wasted on the young.  Perhaps she is right.

But then maybe I don’t look like an elderly elf, maybe I look like Tinkerbell if she left Neverland.  Yes, that’s it I look like an old Tinkerbell.