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Thursday thoughts…

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing,
you will never get it done.
Bruce Lee

This quote is right on, and I have proved it many times. The latest is the bathroom. I had some work done by my handyman extraordinaire a few weeks ago, and it is ready for me to paint.

Every morning when I get up, I say today is the day to paint. Then I read the paper, do the puzzles, have breakfast, and go for my walk. When I get home, I think about painting, and then I find something else to do.

Maybe I should call the guy that did some painting for me a couple of years ago? That sounds like a plan! I am going to think about it. Then I am going to call him!

Photo by Eric Han on Unsplash

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Monday musings..

The only way to get started
is to quit talking and begin doing.
Walt Disney

Good advice Mr Disney. However, most of the time I have no one to talk to, so I read. So far this year I have read 22 books. Obviously, I don’t read heavy intellectual books. I just read fiction and some memoirs and biographies. The fiction is usually thriller, psychological drama, detective stories, some sci-fi/fantasy and historical fiction. I like gritty fast paced stories that are not too easy to figure out. I love books with surprise endings especially ones that make me wonder what?!

I have several projects on my to-do list. And I plan to do them. Every night I tell myself tomorrow I will do this or that project. When I wake up and tomorrow is now today, I begin. I read the paper, do my puzzles, have something to eat, shower and get dressed, talk to the cats, take a walk, check my email, read blogs and sometimes comment. Then there are those bothersome little housekeeping chores that have to be done…vacuuming, dusting, dishes, bathrooms, laundry. Of course, those things get done I’m not a slob!

It’s just the project stuff I have a problem with. Like the closets and drawers. No one sees inside the closets and drawers. Just me. Sometimes I think about the people who will come in to clear everything out when I die. What will they think? Then I get real. I will be dead! What do I care what they think!

Well, I have written this post and I have thought about which project to do.
But first, I am going to begin reading a new book .

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Quotes and Questions #15


Q&Q…nothing ever happens quickly (except when it does). Nothing is ever, ever easy (except when it is). And, most of all, nothing ever goes perfectly according to plan (except in the movies).
          Ally Carter
Do you make plans
or do you just let life happen?
I am a let life happen sort of person most of the time. When I do have a plan it is rarely a long-range well thought out plan. I just wake up and think today I will…and go for it. If things work out, great, if they don’t, oh well, tomorrow is another day.
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Tuesday plans…

Today is Tuesday and time to Chatter.

Monday night I make plans for what I will accomplish on Tuesday. I always have a long list. I used to write the list down but now I just keep it in my head. It works fine, actually better.  Everything on the list was never done and it bothered me to see all the things not checked off compared to the things with a check mark. This way it doesn’t bother me to not get the list done because most of it I don’t remember on Tuesday anyway.


I did work on the mess in the guest room. Sort of. It’s still a mess but a smaller mess. That counts for something, right? Yes, it does!  I would have gotten more done but I got hungry and while I was eating I played games on my Kindle, you know multi-tasking. Then I did some “research” on the computer. That always makes time fly. I really do think computers make time move faster. Except at work, computers at work are programmed differently than home computers. Then it was dark and I don’t work when it gets dark. Gotta love the time change.

So that’s it for today, time for a bath, a book, hot chocolate, and bed.


“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.”
Jules Renard

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FFI week 14…

Friendly Fill-Ins  Week 14

The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete.
Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two statements,
the final two are provided by Annie of Mcguffy’s Reader.


  1. My nickname is…well, it depends on our relationship or when you first met me.  If you are my family it’s PJ. If you met me before I was 40 it’s Pat. If you met me after I had my mid-life crisis of sorts there is no nickname just my name, Patricia.

  2. The first thing I ever won was a big box of salt water taffy. I was five or six and entered a coloring contest sponsored by a comic book company, Dell Comics(?).

  3.  I have never been to a prom.

  4. Next year I hope to have completed my mission to simplify my life by seriously decluttering and giving away many unneeded possessions.

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Today and tomorrow…

Well, I am pooped!
For some reason, I felt inclined to clean.
Not that it is a rare thing for me to clean but
it rare for me to do the nooks and crannies
kind of cleaning two weeks in a row.


And I did several loads of laundry.
And…I put it all away the same day!

The actual plan for today was to paint some old pots
and clean up the balcony. I was really in the mood to get
everything ready for flower planting this weekend.
That didn’t happen because there was a bit
of wind so not a good day for spray painting.
Tomorrow is another day.

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