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The Game…

Three Line Tales Week Twenty-Two

photo by Rosan Harmens

It took awhile but he finally got that cute surveyor girl out of her prim and proper ways, and it seemed she was ready to play with him in the map room.  Everything was going great and then she said she had to step out for a minute.  That was a while ago and here he sits with just his boots on thinking maybe she was playing a different game than he had in mind, wondering where she is, and wishing he knew what happened to his pants.

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Tuesday, just having fun…

Hi Peoples,

Well, I did it again.  I was just having fun–really–just having fun.


IMAG0062 I mean really there is just so much to do in this room–so many things to check on.

All I was doing was taking a minute to make sure Mama was taking good care of her litter box like she does mine.

Then I looked over and there it was–just there–calling me to come and play.  So I played.


It was very fun–until Mama came home.  I guess I am supposed to remember every little rule.  But there are a lot of them!  And some seem so silly.  Like leave the toilet paper alone.  Why?  It just gets put in Mama’s litter box.

Besides I thought the RULE was 3 times and you’re in trouble.  This was the first time–this time around.  Who knew the 3 times rule meant FOREVER!


Now this is what I see when I walk by the bathroom.  Really is this necessary?


Come on, Mama, open the door!