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Friday, frankly…

Pill Bottle
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Today is Friday, October 29, 2010


For some reason I have been kind of fascinated by the ads in magazines for prescription medications.  The ads themselves are usually eye-catching.  Nice color, pretty people who look like they are in the best of health and having the time of their lives, positive  happy words.  Makes it seem like the drug will solve all your problems not just the ones that need medication.  Take this drug and will be as if you are living in heaven while on earth.

Then on the next page they have all these disclosures.  There is information on what the drug will not do and who should not take it and possible complications if taken with other prescription medication or over the counter medicines.

The most interesting part, to me, is the possible side effects.  Sometimes the list is quite extensive.  It seems most drugs have some common possible side effects like  muscle and or head aches, constipation or diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, blurred vision, depression, that kind of thing.   We are told these will go away in a few days but if they do not consult your doctor.  I am pretty much okay with this.  Well, maybe not okay, but these side effects do not seem too awful and not life threatening and if they only last a couple of days I can handle it.

However, there are possible side effects that make me wonder just how sick one  is to risk these side effects.  Things like aneurysms, heart complications and or heart failure, stroke, memory loss, blood clots or hemorrhaging, siezures, thoughts of suicide, and my personal favorite–death.

Now really people, death as a side effect?!  I do think that is trying to put a positive public relations spin on death.  Death as a side effect is like making death simply a nuisance, something a bit bothersome. You know–oh well –I took this drug to get better and I died–what a bummer.

Frankly, I would call death a final effect.