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Trees and chatter…

Tuesday Chatter
From Ordinary To Artistic…Tree


Sadly Ordinary



We are losing so many trees in my neighborhood
and throughout the city.
It makes me so sad to see them cut down like this.
Unfortunately, this tree will never see new life sprouting.

On a happier note, today was a glorious sunny day.
Great for my walk and doing some shopping.
There were lots of people out and about.
It was like Spring had sprung.
But we know there are more cold and dreary days
to come before Spring does come to stay awhile.

Another happy note, I bought a new printer.
I was worried about installing it as a wireless printer
because for me wireless is always difficult to install.
But it was done in twenty minutes and works great.
Maybe the best part was the printer was half price
and I had a gift card and free shipping.
Printer cost me $15.00!

On that note, I will be on my way.
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Monday, computer friendly,or maybe not…

A close up of a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5900 ...
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I have a new computer.  This is good and bad.  Mostly good.

My old computer died of unknown cause.  I took it for diagnosis hoping it was just ill but the hard drive was gone–it was brain-dead.

I could get a new brain for it.  Then it would need to get experience programmed with new software.  And both of those would need to be transplanted into its body.  As we all know transplants are very expensive.  Cost is about the same for a new computer.  So I said farewell to the old ‘puter and hello to the new.

Everything is pretty much going along ok as we get to know each other and our quirks.  We both have more quirks than we need but we are what we are–quirky.

The computer has been registered and legal. The OS is Windows 7 and that is new to me and seems friendly.  Although, being quirky it does have its moments of not niceness.  It will take a little time for us to become family–if you know what I mean.

Now I have to install the printer.  The printer and I have never come to a true friendship.  It is really hard to get along with. Truthfully, I have a love-hate relationship with the thing!  The man who tells me when the ink is low or when the printer and computer are not communicating is always nice if somewhat abrupt.  Anyway, at some point I am going to need the printer working–like yesterday.

If you do not see a post here for a few days–or ever again–send help–I will have gone stark raving mad and need help.