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This is what Teddy and I do every day.


We have a chat and do the puzzles that are in the paper.
Of course, we scan the news, check out the obituaries and read the comics first.
We do have our priorities.
After that, we do the Crossword Puzzle, Seven Words, Jumble,
Word Search and last, the Celebrity Cipher.
We don’t do Sudoku.  That puzzle has numbers. We don’t like numbers.
The days I work we do the puzzles in the afternoon because
we don’t like to get up any earlier than we have to
and the puzzles do take some time to do them properly.


Jack thinks puzzles are boring and a waste of time.
He does find it necessary to watch and offer the occasional comment.
I listen to him and Teddy ignores him.

Tuesday Chatter
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I am not listening…

notlisteningI can hear Mama talking, but I am not listening!  She has ignored me and Teddy all weekend.  She says it’s because she was busy helping get the Fitness Center ready so the homeowners can see it tomorrow night.  How can she be so busy with a fitness center when she hasn’t seen fit to play with us.  Oh sure she has fed us and said hello and good-bye but no quality time loving on us. And now this, our Saturday post is being posted on Sunday. What’s with that?!  I think when I am done with not listening we are going to have a chat about priorities. jack