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Friday, maybe yes, maybe no, or whatever…

Yes no maybe

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I do not like the word, maybe.  I mean really, what does it mean?

If you ask someone a question and they answer, maybe, have they really answered the question?  Do they know the answer?  Or do they just want to keep you unenlightened as to what they think?  Or do they just not want to commit?

I think most of the time they just don’t want to make a statement to which they will be held.  They don’t want to commit.

I do use the word maybe.  Usually, when I just want to satisfy someone but don’t have an answer, or when I think it is nobody’s business and I don’t want to answer the question.  But most often I say maybe when I want to buy time because I don’t want to commit.

Frankly, I think maybe is a very popular word and maybe rules the world.  Or maybe not.


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Friday, making my brain itch…

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The question yesterday from The Daily Post at is “Do you want to live forever?”

My question is “Can you imagine not being alive?”

I ask this because truthfully I can’t imagine not being alive.  All I know is living–life.  I have known people who are now dead–I have seen death.  I know that those people are gone from here, this life, and I can’t see, feel, or hear them any more.  But I am here, not gone from here.  I can’t imagine being somewhere else or being nowhere.

I believe in eternity and eternal life, yet, I can’t get my mind around it to put myself someplace other than where I am, here, alive in my body and in this world.  Because I do believe there is more than this life here, the thought of being dead doesn’t bother me because I will be alive somewhere.  But I just cannot imagine not being here.

Today, I have made my brain itch…