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Q = quiet…


Have you known people who are so wound up,
busy and noisy that you just want to shout

I have known people like that and know some now.
They drive me crazy.
They always have to be doing something, always have
someone with them and they are always talking.
I want to tell them to stop, be still, shut up
and hear what can be heard only in
the silence of solitude.

I feel  a bit sorry for them.
How can you know yourself if you can’t be alone
and  Q2016uiet enough to listen to your heartbeat?
If you don’t know yourself  how can you know someone else?
If you haven’t heard your own heartbeat how can you
know the beat of others?


I try to understand people who don’t like Q2016uiet
but I really don’t get them.
Of course, they don’t get me either.

That’s my post for the letter

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Friday, Q is for quietly quirky…


I like people who are quietly quirky.

These people are different and a bit unconventional.
There are loud quirky folks, I guess, but I like quieter quirky people best.

Quirky people are not quite eccentric they just have some idiosyncrasies.
There are things they do or say all the time that are just different.
Like always putting their right sock on first or always reading the editorials in the paper before the front page.
Or like never leaving the house without saying “good-bye be a good boy” to…the cat. 

We all know quirky people and usually they are people we really like in spite of their quirkiness.
Or maybe we like them because they don’t think our quirks are odd.


Today, I think this qualifies as one very quirky way to nap.

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Thursday, quiet and solitude…

I am someone who needs quiet and solitude.  Not just sometimes but often.  I have made a life that allows me this. 

I have quiet mornings


and quiet evenings.


There was a time that I did not know how important it is for me to have quiet alone time.  That was not the best time of life for me.  This season of my life is  good.  I don’t think it would be as good if I didn’t have quiet mornings and quiet evenings.

Sometimes I forget this and want a life that is busier and filled with more people and activities.  Sometimes I want to be different than I am.  I have tried to be different.  It doesn’t work.

Most people don’t understand my need for quiet and solitude.  I don’t fully understand it myself.  But I accept it.  This is who I am and this is my life. 


Today, I am thankful for my quiet life.