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Quotes & Questions, 8/3/2018

Q&Q“There is more to life than
increasing its speed.”
Mahatma Gandhi

 It seems we think faster is better for most everything.  The other day I was putting a package of stuffed peppers in the microwave and I had to laugh at myself because I thought fifteen minutes was a long time to wait for it to be ready to eat. And let’s not forget how long we have to wait for a K-cup to brew for our morning coffee. Oh, and if we come to a traffic light and it changes to red and we have to stop for that minute to wait for it to turn green again is like forever! Maybe sleep is the exception to this silly need for speed. Although, we do usually want to fall asleep as quickly as possible.

I wonder what Gandhi would think of the pace of life today?

Quotes and Questions · whatever!

Learning to act…


“We never really grow up,
we only learn how to act in public.”
Bryan White

I agree that we–all of us–never really grow up but most of us have learned how to act in public.  However, there are some people who need a refresher course in public behavior. It seems those most in need of such a course are celebrities and politicians.

Or is just that celebrities and politicians get all the press so we know about their bad behavior while “normal” people get away with it because the public doesn’t know or care?





Quotes and Questions · whatever!

Quotes & Questions, 7/6/2018

Q&Q “Your conscious presence
in your own life is powerful.
It’s a gift to be present—a gift for you and
for whomever you share your life with.”
Maria Shriver

I often find my mind wandering. It’s a time of complete relaxation and self-indulgence and that’s okay when I am alone and don’t need to be focused on anything in particular. I think of this wandering as a gift to myself and it sometimes leads to a wonderful awakening within me.  It’s not okay when my mind wanders when I am with someone. Then it is just rude, like giving them a beautifully wrapped gift box with nothing in it.

Have you ever thought of your conscious presence
as a gift to yourself and others?