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Wednesday, writing whatever…

I didn’t write Monday, musings… because I was in a terrible mood since Sunday. So I decided to spare you. I wasn’t going to write today because things weren’t much better for most of the day.  That means I was an ugly, grumbling, complaining, horrible bitch for four days!  Not my usual self for sure.

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I seem to have gotten back to my normal self but I am now in no mood to write.  That ever happen to you?  I am going to take a bath and go to bed.  I can’t stand being outta sorts!

Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day!


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Beware, rant ahead…

I am a day late with my Tuesday Chatter because I spent yesterday trying to put out fires, not literal fires metaphorical ones. It got my Yankee Irish in high gear then I didn’t have any brainpower left to post anything.

I don’t understand why people get so very upset over things that with a little conversation and some compromise can be fixed.  I guess it is the word compromise that is the problem. In this instance, no one wants to compromise everyone wants it their way 100% refusing to discuss it in an adult way. Oh, they will “discuss” the issue loudly and with accusations, like children on a playground fighting over toys.

Anyway, I am trying to help find a middle ground that everyone can if not be whole-heartedly in agreement with at least accept what is decided and then act like well-behaved adults. The way some people are acting they need a sharp reprimand, their cell phones, computers and tech toys taken away then sent to their rooms.

End of rant!
I will chat again next week if I don’t explode before then.

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Thursday, thankful that I do not have a TV…

Charlie Sheen in March 2009
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I have heard a lot about Charlie Sheen and his strange  rants. I haven’t seen any of the shows he has been on doing his rant and I have only glanced at a couple of articles in the paper.  But what I have read and been told by others makes me very sad and very angry.

Sad because this man is obviously quite ill.  Maybe it is because of his drug and alcohol use that he is in this manic behavior or maybe he has substance abuse issues because of his mental health.  I have no idea which came first but he needs help.  I guess help has been offered and he has been in and out of rehab, yet, there seems to be a continuing deterioration of his mental and emotional state.

I am angry because the media is having a wonderful time with this.  Why are they encouraging him? Is what he is saying and the way he is behaving news-worthy?  It seems to me this  media-frenzy is just old-fashioned meanness.  After all, this type of (mis)behavior could happen to anyone.  None of us is immune to mental illness. Maybe we think we are immune, that this only happens to other people, if that is what we believe we are believing a lie.

Charlie Sheen is a talented actor who can entertain with his gift.  He, like all of us, has a purpose and a destiny.  I don’t think for a minute what is happening now is the purpose of his life, but it looks like self-destruction (with the help of the media looking for a “good” story) is his destiny.

Today, I am thankful that I don’t have a TV and that I don’t read gossip magazines.