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Thursday thoughts…

Other people’s opinion of you
does not have to become your reality.
Les Brown

Most people in our lives have ideas and expectations of who we are or who we think we should be. Most often, those who love and respect us see the potential for our success and happiness. They encourage us and help us find our way.

But there may be others who become stumbling blocks because they are trying to live through us. They want what we have and to be who we are. When we do things differently and follow the path we see, they may become argumentive and discouraging. They may tell us we are disappointing, that we don’t understand, that experience has taught them the right thing to do.

It is wise to listen to advice from many people and to listen to their opinions, taking the time to consider their views. We have one life to live, and we are to live it as who we are, not as someone else may want us to be. So, listen and think, ponder and wonder. If we are true to ourselves, we will do what we know is best for us and walk our path wherever it leads.

Image by wendy Corniquet at Pixabay

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Monday, musings…

“It’s not reality that makes us feel stuck;
it’s the lens we use to view the world.”
Tonya Dalton

Image by FPHayes from Pixabay

Often we look out the window and the reality we see is discouraging.  The world is filled with crime and war, poverty and homeless people, a natural environment that is deteriorating, and the eradication of people groups and wildlife.  It can be so depressing that we just want to give up and abandon hope for a better world.

But there is another reality.   One where there is a world of people working to prevent crime and stop wars, helping others overcome obstacles to a good life, working to save the natural world, teaching tolerance and understanding of those who are different than us, protecting animals from the threat of extinction.

There is more than one way to experience life.
More than one way to see the world.
There is more than one reality.
There is hope.

Whose lens do you want to share when you look at the world?

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Monday Musings…



Our fears are more numerous than our dangers,
and we suffer more in our imagination
then in reality.

I think this is true for most people.  I know my imagination can run amok at times.  It is smart to give thought to what we are doing and where we are going but we do have to be careful not to let the negative “maybe’s” take over. I am guilty of that but I am better than I used to be in controlling those crazy maybe’s. There are a lot of scary “what if’s” and “could happen’s” in life but there are also lots of wonders and delightful surprises.

Bad things can happen but more often good things happen.

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Dream or reality…

Three Line Tales, Week 32

A photo by Steven Wei. unsplash.com/photos/g-AklIvI1aI
photo by Steven Wei

Dream or Reality

Where am I, what am I doing, am I looking up or looking down?
Maybe this is one of those weird dreams I sometimes have
when I stay up too late watching stupid horror movies.
I just hope those lights and sirens coming this way
are part of a dream and I don’t really need…

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Truth is best…

In Other Words…what I say

“Wanting to be liked can get in the way of truth.”
Delia Ephron


We all want to be liked for sure
and sometimes truth gets lost
when we are less than pure.
One day we will be caught
if we insist on the lie
and all will be for naught.
If we stray from where we started
in the land of reality and truth
our return will be as broken-hearted.
So, leave the lies behind you
with the empty wanting
and know friendship true.

In Other Words
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Thursday, sadness has it’s purpose…

Silly little girl.


  Sadness is meant to get your attention–not get you attention.

   Sometimes sadness is meant to get our attention so that we will be still and quiet.

Sadness makes us look for hope; and when we look for hope we find it. Then we can heal, become stronger, and more sensitive to our reality and the realities of others.

   Today, I am thankful that the sad times in my life have gotten my attention and made me see that one of the realities of life is that it isn’t all about me.