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Wednesday, writing whatever…


Sunday morning when I looked out the door
this is what I saw on my balcony.


It’s a redtail hawk.
They often perch on the railing.
Usually, as soon as they see me at the door they fly away.
But not this guy.


He stayed where he was and watched me watching him.hawk3It was quite a surprise to see that he didn’t take off when I got closer.hawk5He seemed to wonder
who I was and what I was doing. hawk6He even stayed around when Teddy and Jack walked up to the door.
It was like he was being entertained by me and the cats here at Patricia’s Place.hawk1Then I guess he got bored with us
and started looking around for something more interesting.
And off he went.

It was a wonderful gift
being visited and inspected
by that beautiful hawk.

I know these aren’t the best pictures but
I wanted to share my gift with you.



thankfulness · Thursday

Thursday, thankfulness…

Red-tailed Hawk KSC00pp0245
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Today is Thursday, October 14, 2010


While I was sitting at my desk the other day I saw the reflection of a Red-tailed Hawk on my computer screen.  I turned around to see it sitting right outside my window.  It has been a while since I have  had a hawk visit me.    There was one that often perched on my balcony railing  in the morning but not once this summer was I visited.

The hawks are wonderful to watch as they fly and find a thermal current then  they just soar, high and far.  To see them up close is a great gift.  They are rather regal and it does seem they think we humans are a little lower in importance  then they are in the scheme of things.

I did not know how much I missed seeing this magnificent creature.  These birds are fairly common around here but it is unusual for them to sit on a railing, the roof often, but rarely so close to doors and windows.

I am humbled and thankful that I was blessed with the hawk’s visit.