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The new year and resolutions…

Happy New Year!catplaidhat

New Year Resolutions?
None for me!

I have made resolutions in the past.  I don’t remember what they were but I do remember that I didn’t keep them. So, now I just don’t make them so I don’t feel bad at the end of the year when I realize that I am a resolution failure.

That’s all I have to say on the subject!
Now on to other stuff.

I do reflect on the year gone by.
This year there are things I am happy about
and some things not so much.

Happy stuff…

  • time spent with friends
  • lots of time to read…76 books read in 2018
  • going to bed late and sleeping til nine or ten
  • started keeping a journal
  • organizing closets
  • finishing the kitchen…except for crown molding

Not so happy stuff

  • didn’t get the living room painted
  • decluttering still a work in progress
  • falling behind in all things blog related

About the blogs…I have been neglecting most everything blog related.

  • I apologize to all who have participated in the In Other Words challenge for not spending time with you. I do appreciate your writing and linking your poems and stories. Please forgive me.
  • I have also been negligent in responding to comments in general. I have no excuse. I just have not been making good use of my time when it comes to the computer.
  • I have not been to visit blogs I follow, and I am sorry. Again no excuse.
  • The most recent blogs were written in November and scheduled for December with the plan to update as the month progressed. Just didn’t happen.

One thing I have found in retirement is that the less you have to do the less you do. When I worked I made myself get other things done. In retirement, I tell myself I will do whatever needs to be done later. Of course, later never comes it just gets put on tomorrow’s to-do list.

Maybe I do have one resolution…






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What I think about A-to-Z 2014…


I think this year was my fourth doing the A-to-Z Challenge.
The first two years were more of a challenge because I did not have a theme.
From now on there will be a theme!  So much easier.

Having a theme, this year ” There was a little girl who”, gives a focus to what I write.
In the first two years without some starting point or focus I spent a lot of time just trying to come up with something to write about.
I think my posts weren’t as good.

I  did visit a little over 200 blogs on the list but did not read the whole post on many
and only commented on a few.  Posts that were loooong I passed over because of time.
This is not unusual for me…I rarely read any post over 500 words.  There just isn’t enough time.  As for commenting, again the time thing and then sometimes I just didn’t have anything to say.

Of the blogs I read most were very good. I am impressed with bloggers!
Some seemed to have nothing to do with A to Z. Those I simply skipped over.

I did find some blogs I bookmarked and I will go back and visit a while to decide if I will follow.  I do not subscribe to the “I follow you so you follow me rule”. I don’t expect blogs I follow to follow me and those who follow me shouldn’t expect me to follow them.  Once again the time thing…I follow many blogs and there are only so many hours to spend on the computer and still have a life.

I don’t have any suggestions for y’all.
What you are doing you are doing very well.

Thanks to everyone on the A-to-Z Challenge team!  What a lot of work…and that time thing!  I appreciate the work you do for this hop. It is a great way to see blogs I would never see without the list.  It is a challenge and it is a fun challenge!
!Thank you!

In the back of my ditzy mind I am already thinking about 2015.


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Monday, A-Z Challenge thoughts…


The A to Z Challenge for 2013 is history.  And yes I survived it…more than just survived…I enjoyed writing every day of it.  Really I did.  I do have to say that I am not a “serious” writer and this blog is just a past-time not work or business.  (Day of Grace, my other blog is serious and does take some work.)  Past A to Z’s were more challenging…this was my third.  I think having a theme definitely is key.  Thank you to the “team” for suggesting it.  It was hard for me to decide on the theme but once that was done it was easy-peasy.

Part of the challenge was to visit other bloggers participating.  That was not easy-peasy for me.  I did visit but rarely commented.  There just isn’t that much time in my day.  Also, commenting on Blogger blogs is for the most part, to be honest, a pain in the butt.  There is the step of adding where you are commenting from which is ok, but many bloggers have the funky word thing you have to copy down to let them know you are a real person commenting.  It is to cut down on spam.  But really if you get that much spam get a better filter or come on over to WP where the filter is great.  Still other Blogger’s comment forms send you off to +Google.  I don’t have a +Google account and never did figure out how to comment there.

The posts that I did read were very good.  Now to be completely honest here…I will say that if it was a long post, anything over 300 words or so, I skipped on by.  I am sure I missed some excellent writing but again I just have so much time in my day for the computer.  I spend lots of time on the computer, however, there comes a time when you must say enough.  For me that was passing on long A-Z posts.

The list of Challengers gets longer every year so the challenge to read becomes harder.  That said I am looking forward to next year…  already thinking about a theme.  I can’t imagine all that is involved behind the scenes to get the Challenge together and organized and into cyber-space.  Thank you, thank you  Arlee and the Team for all your time and work to make this a fun thing for the rest of us.

I appreciate all the bloggers that came to see what “Today, I think” is about and for the visits to “Day of Grace”.  Thank you for visiting and for the comments you left.  I hope you felt good while here and left with a smile.  Y’all come back, ya hear.


Today, I think I can’t have a post without a picture of a cat so here is one of Teddy.

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Saturday, a box of memories…

Ma,Willie, and me

Ma, Willie, and me, being silly.

Today I was going through a box of old photographs.  Not something I especially wanted to do but I have two boxes that came from my parent’s house that are just bothering me.  They have been my closet for years. My mother died more than 30 years ago and my father, 17 years ago.  When we sold my parent’s house I took the boxes.  My brother, Willie, and I went through the pictures and he took the ones he wanted.  Later I sorted through them again and sent some to my older brother that I thought would mean something to him.  Then I put it all away in the closet.  Today one of them was opened.

Today, 15 years since I last looked in the box, I sorted and  threw a bunch of the pictures away.  Pictures that were so faded they were hard to make out, or so out of focus they were worthless. Many were of people I have no idea of who they were and there is no one left to ask.  Kind of sad, two boxes of family history forgotten.

I didn’t remember this picture and have no memory of the day it was taken.  I think I was about four and that would make Will three.  We look happy don’t we?  I can’t ask them because they are gone.  I guess we were happy…I don’t remember…

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Monday, reflecting on the A to Z challenge…

The A to Z Challenge for April 2012 is now history.

Now for some reflections


This was my second year taking part in the challenge and like last year I enjoyed it.  Well, maybe X wasn’t much fun. Sorta taxed my brain.


But I persevered!

The challenge does make me a bit more disciplined, at least for the month of April.  Like last year I did not have a theme I just wrote what came to mind for whatever letter it was for the day.  But I think next year–yes I am planning on taking part next year–I will try the theme thing.  That’s what I am thinking today but I may change my mind you know.

It was wonderful having new peeps visit my blog and going round and visiting others.  I did not get to all that many and I did not comment on all I did visit.  My bad, I guess.  That discipline thing again.  Maybe I can plan my time better next year. 

I really do feel bad that I didn’t comment on every blog I visited. That was not very thoughtful of me and I apologize.  It’s just that there are so many in the challenge, which is great, but you have to sleep some time.


When I think of the work involved for those that put all this together I am amazed.  So dedicated and encouraging and busy!


Y’all must be exhausted!

Thank you for hosting the A to Z Challenge!

You are Super Bloggers!

Now you will have to excuse me, I see that I have less than a year to prepare for the 2013 challenge. So, I must start making notes for those April posts.


Or not…