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Fill-ins and the holiday…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 29


1. Yesterday, I started the little bit of holiday decorating I do. No tree but a fun wreath on the door and a table centerpiece. Tomorrow I will work on the Christmas village. 


2. To regift or not is the question. I think it’s okay. I would rather the gift that perhaps wasn’t quite the right thing be regifted to someone who would like and use it. But I do think that it may hurt some folks feelings so ya gotta be careful.


3.  My favourite holiday leftover is…leftovers of any kind are my favorite food in general but at Thanksgiving, it’s a turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce hoagie sandwich. Oh, and any dessert.


4. The best part of a long, holiday weekend is …I don’t know, just having four days of being lazy is nice. Although, for me lazy is pretty much a most of the time thing these days.

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