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The Tryst…

Three Line Tales, Week 52

photo by Ales Krivec via Unsplash

The Tryst

Walking toward the tower, her heart pounding fast and hard, she wondered if she was making a mistake. It sounded oh so romantic when he told her to meet him here. But now it seemed as though even the setting sun was warning her away.

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In deep water…

Three Line Tales, Week 51

tltweek51photo by Sean Tan via Unsplash

In Deep Water

It began as an innocent little flirt, an indiscretion, but nothing serious. The little flirt didn’t stay innocent quickly becoming an all-out affair that the whole town seemed to be talking and tweeting about. Now they were in some serious deep water and about to drown in ugly gossip.

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Beware, rant ahead…

I am a day late with my Tuesday Chatter because I spent yesterday trying to put out fires, not literal fires metaphorical ones. It got my Yankee Irish in high gear then I didn’t have any brainpower left to post anything.

I don’t understand why people get so very upset over things that with a little conversation and some compromise can be fixed.  I guess it is the word compromise that is the problem. In this instance, no one wants to compromise everyone wants it their way 100% refusing to discuss it in an adult way. Oh, they will “discuss” the issue loudly and with accusations, like children on a playground fighting over toys.

Anyway, I am trying to help find a middle ground that everyone can if not be whole-heartedly in agreement with at least accept what is decided and then act like well-behaved adults. The way some people are acting they need a sharp reprimand, their cell phones, computers and tech toys taken away then sent to their rooms.

End of rant!
I will chat again next week if I don’t explode before then.

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Thursday, F is for friends…

I have the most wonderful friends. These are not your plain ole regular friends.  Some of them are more family than friend. Often they are better than the family you were born into.  Sometimes they are closer than blood relations.

When I was a kid I had friends but not any special friends.  There was no one I felt free with; no one I trusted with my heart.  There are a couple of women in my life now that have my heart and it is safe with them.  Even if we were to get angry and have a falling out, though I cannot imagine this happening, I know that my heart would stay safe in their care.

I hope that they know that their hearts are precious to me and I will always take care to handle them gently with love and respect. I have no words that will express what I am feeling…so I will just stop now.

Today, I am so very thankful for loving friends.

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Friday, frankly…

A desk in an office.
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Today is Friday, September 24,2010
I once heard some comments about an unmarried childless woman who was in an upper level management position with a large company.  She was quite successful and well-liked.  In her office she had a picture of her dog on her desk.  Her co-workers had some, in my opinion, strange thoughts about this.

Some people thought it a sad commentary on her life,  that her dog was obviously like a substitute child.  Others laughed behind her back saying she must not have much of a life, that she must be a loser and pathetically lonely with only her dog to love.

This made me think about me and my cats and what people might be thinking.  I do not have pictures of them on my desk at work,  although I do have pictures on my desk at home.  And I do admit that when people talk about their children I tend to say something about my cats.  My cats are sort of  like children to me.  They are important to me and add a lot to my life.  I love them and do consider them part of the family.  If this makes people think I am a loser or pathetically lonely or that I am a silly woman with serious relationship issues in need of counseling…well,  I stand proudly before you and say “Hi, my name is Patricia, and my cats are my children.”

My Catkids

Frankly, if someone thinks I am a loser or pathetically lonely or sad or silly or sick because of how I feel about my catkids… well, I say pfffrrrttt…who cares what you think!