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Tuesday, next year or maybe not…

I'm just sooo tired!

Image by Jackie Plage via Flickr

Ten Things I Am Going To Do Next Year

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat healthier, cut back on the Cokes and chocolate
  3. Go to bed at a reasonable hour like a normal person
  4. Be more disciplined with my free time, as in do something rather than just think about doing stuff
  5. Lose 20 pounds
  6. Be who I am always and not bother with what people are thinking about me
  7. De-clutter and get rid of stuff I don’t like,want,use…
  8. Do more crocheting and start sewing again
  9. Stop procrastinating
  10. Spend more time with you know Who

Today, I think these are the things I will do in 2012.  Or might not probably won’t do in 2012



Tuesday, thoughts in between…

time flies
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I have always liked the couple of days after Christmas.   The craziness of the days before Christmas are over  and now there is a time of simple quiet.  Oh, it’s a quiet  that won’t last more than a day or two;  but they are welcome days after the rush and busy schedules of the holiday.

I find the days between Christmas and the New Year a time of little, if any, stress. There is not much to do during this in between time.  These few days are a time of reflection and rest before the beginning of the new year and all the plans and expectations and resolutions made  at the end of the old year.

Me?  I have no great plans for next year,  I don’t know what to expect, and I won’t make New Year’s resolutions.  What I know from experience is that things will happen, planned or not, expect the unexpected because there are always surprises, and making resolutions is a waste of time, they are sure to be forgotten.  This mindset may seem unwise and unexciting and non-productive to all the type A personality people,  driven to do more, get more, and be more.   But it works for me.

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Tuesday, ten things about November…

November and the sun is low
Image by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi via Flickr

Today is Tuesday, November 30, 2010


10 Things November Brings

  1. Colder weather–time for sweaters and hats and gloves–but not for long johns yet.
  2. Falling leaves–love this– all the drifting color.
  3. Long walks in the crisp air and crunchy leaves.
  4. The beginning of the holiday season–this is a love hate thing for me.
  5. Stores are all dressed up for the holiday shoppers–even stores look better in fancy dress.
  6. Spending money–more than usual.
  7. Holiday parties and get-togethers–another of those love hate things.
  8. Food and more food–this purely love especially the egg nog that is only sold at this time of year–what’s with that?
  9. Gifts–the giving and getting of–kinda stressful but also fun.
  10. Realization that the year is almost over and you haven’t done all you thought you would–but don’t worry next year is right around the corner and you can make another resolutions list.