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Breaking rules…

Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special
prompt this week

Breaking The Rules


This is my Christmas cactus breaking the rules blooming in the Spring.
I am all for any bit of rebellion that is beautiful and brings a smile.
It is not a total rebel though, it only has one flower;
a big beautiful flower that makes me smile.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.
Click on the sphere to see more pictures.

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Tuesday, just having fun…

Hi Peoples,

Well, I did it again.  I was just having fun–really–just having fun.


IMAG0062 I mean really there is just so much to do in this room–so many things to check on.

All I was doing was taking a minute to make sure Mama was taking good care of her litter box like she does mine.

Then I looked over and there it was–just there–calling me to come and play.  So I played.


It was very fun–until Mama came home.  I guess I am supposed to remember every little rule.  But there are a lot of them!  And some seem so silly.  Like leave the toilet paper alone.  Why?  It just gets put in Mama’s litter box.

Besides I thought the RULE was 3 times and you’re in trouble.  This was the first time–this time around.  Who knew the 3 times rule meant FOREVER!


Now this is what I see when I walk by the bathroom.  Really is this necessary?


Come on, Mama, open the door!


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Tuesday, outside!…

Hi Peoples!

I am so excited!  I got to go outside on the balcony!   Everyday I sit on my pillow and look out the big door at the outside but never actually got to go out there.


There are lots of things out there I have never seen or smelled before.  And the air blows around.  Mama says it’s called the wind.  When there is wind there are so many smells coming from every direction I almost can’t stand it.

We are way up high.


Mama says if I jump off the balcony I will get very hurt if not killed.  I don’t know what killed is but the way Mama says it I know it’s a bad thing.  But I see birds jumping off our balcony and nothing bad happens to them.  Some things are hard to figure out.

Photo365 (1)

Mama says I make her very nervous and, until I am a big boy and I learn not to do that, I can’t be outside by myself.  That’s ok cause I like to have her close to me because I am still a little guy, you know.  She makes sure I am as safe as I can be.


Oh, and Mama says the 3 times and you’re in trouble rule does not apply on the balcony!  It is much too dangerous to take any chances.


But it sure does look inviting down there.


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Tuesday, Teddy learns the 3x’s rule…

Hi Peoples,

It seems there has been a little blip here in Teddy’s world.  I have learned that in  Mama’s house there is a 3 times and you are in trouble rule.

I get a little bored when Mama is at a place she calls work–I have to find something to do.  I mean when Mama is at  the place called work–where ever that is–there is no one here to pet me or scratch my ears or rub my tummy or throw my ball  or toss my fishy or shake the fun feather thing.

Well, I found the funnest thing–in the bathroom.  Not the tub or the people litter box. Those are fun but the paper on a roller is super fun!


Play with it long enough and it all comes off the roll and you can take all over the house.  It’s so light weight it just floats around and it’s easy to tear and shred and even chew.


The first time Mama laughed.  I was so glad I could make her happy after all she has done for me.


The second time she was a bit bothered by my efforts to make her laugh.  I mean I thought this was a good game.


The third time was when I heard about the 3 times and you are in trouble rule.  Mama can be very, shall we say stern, when she doesn’t get her way.  In this case getting her way meant me not having fun my way.


Seemed like a good time to get out of her way and take  cover.



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Friday, shoes and my love/hate relationship…

high heels
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I have a love/hate relationship with shoes.  I love looking at them.  I hate wearing them.

I think if people were created to wear shoes feet would have been designed differently.  As it is with all the curves and bumps and ridges, even pretty, feet have it is obvious that they weren’t meant to be shod.  Yet, we all wear shoes. 

I don’t wear shoes in the house.  I think shoes on feet in the house is just wrong.  I wouldn’t wear shoes ever, except then my feet would be cold or cut or bruised or scraped or whatever.   I have enough of that going on when I wear shoes.  Then there is the silly safety thing that stores and restaurants and public places have about naked feet.

When I get to heaven this is one of the things I want to talk to God about.  I think it has something to do with Adam and Eve not following the rules.