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Straight lines and circles…

Three Line Tales Week 43

photo by Sandis Helvigs via Unsplashtltweek43

Straight Lines and Circles

The tiny leaf buds of Spring burst into the lush green of Summer which in turn drop with colorful flutters in Autumn to blanket the earth while Winter brings its time of rest. As a child, it was all taken for granted without thought of what the seasons taught of beginning, growing, harvesting and ending, life and living, death and dying. With the passing years, we learned what we took for granted as a straight line from beginning to end is the wonder of the never-ending circle of life.

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Cherry trees…

Three Line Tales-Week 27

photo by Inma Ibáñeztltweek27
Lessons From The Cherry Trees

When she was a child she loved the blossoms on the cherry trees in the orchard and hated to see them fall to the ground. When she was a bit older she loved to see the fruit because it meant sweet treats would come from the labor of picking the ripe red cherries and hated to see the season over so quickly. Now she was old and loved the cherry trees in all their glory from blossoms to fruit to barrenness knowing that after death there is rebirth and life renewed.

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February looks like…

febThis is what February looks like here in South Carolina.
Camellias bloom most of the year but in February they
they tease us with bigger blooms and lots of buds as they
get ready for the March and April explosion of color.

In my neighborhood  there are mostly red, white or pink
double peony or double formal flower forms. There are also
some single anemone flat or bowl shaped flowers that are white
with pink or yellow blushes.  Camellias are also found with rose
like flowers but I haven’t seen any of those around here.

When I walk in the winter it is a joy to see these hardy shrubs
showing off with a few blossoms of color when everything else
is just green or drab brown and gray.

I am linking to Cardinal Guzman’s monthly photo challenge.

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Monday,liking what I see…

This week-end we were blessed with the first of Fall weather.  No frost or anything near it yet; but beautiful cool and breezy and sunny days and chilly nights.

The State Fair must be around the corner because it is always chilly when the Fair arrives.

p3My petunias are still going strong and looking pretty good.  But in the next couple of weeks I will pull them out of the pots and put pansies in their place.  I love looking out the door to lots of color and life in all the seasons.


I also have some moss roses in a pot, they are rebellious plants and always look messy.  But as a fellow rebel I like them. Plus they are very resilient and like hot dry conditions.

Perfect for my balcony.


Today, I am enjoying the last of summer blooms and looking forward to fall plantings.

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Thursday, hot and humid but thankful…

Summer rain

The weather here has been sultry hot.  You know the kind of hot that makes the air seem thick.  Every year I think it is hotter than the year before but really I just notice the heat more.  Seems the older I get the more I am like my mother and grandmother, they were always “shvetzin”.

It has rained most afternoons. Loud thunder claps and big lightning bolts streaking through the sky and big big rain drops.  Then it calms down and the rain is soft and pretty.  Then it stops and the sun comes back out.

THEN, steam comes up off the streets and the heat and humidity make it feel like you are in some kind of ritual tent sweating your way to a higher state of being.  But really you are just sweating and getting stinky.

With all that said…I am truly thankful for the beauty of this earth and the different seasons.  The summer storms are awesome and combined with the heat there is a lushness in the gardens and parks and along the roads.  Every thing meant to be green and growing is flourishing.

Today I think I may wilt in this weather yet I am thankful for the natural beauty of the earth…

…and the un-natural beauty of air conditioning.