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Self-Acceptance, reflection…

Kindness Challenge Week 3

I am pretty accepting of who I am in many ways; I dress the way I want whether it is considered fashionable or not and my hair is usually a mess but as long as it is clean I don’t care,  I have gained weight and am no longer a skinny-mini and I am fine with it though I am being careful not to gain more pounds. I am a woman of faith but no longer go to church and many of my friends don’t understand and that’s ok with me, they don’t have to understand or like my choice. I am quiet and spend a lot of time alone with occasional visits with friends and that is a good balance for me. So, there is self-acceptance in my life.

However, while thinking about Niki’s challenge this week I learned that though I do like myself and where I am in life but there is a place in my being that I am just learning to accept.

It is a chronic physical issue.  Nothing that will kill me, just makes life difficult sometimes.  Really, it is nothing when compared to people with major diseases and disabilities.  But it is a part of myself that is not easy to accept. I hate it!  When it rears its ugly head I tend to judge myself harshly, thinking I should be able to get over this problem and not be so weak. I should be able to carry on as usual and go about my day without interruption. But the fact is, I cannot get over this and when it flares I cannot carry on as usual without interruption to my day, I can only accept it for what it is, part of me. Sometimes, self-acceptance takes a lot of work! But I have found that with self-acceptance comes the gift of loving others as they are without conditions or expectations and that makes the work worth the effort.

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